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2 Aug

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Be Rich

How does one become “rich in what matters to God,” as Jesus’s parable urges? The parable about storing up good things to extremes invites us to put possessions and relationships in perspective, to set priorities in our lives. Is money more important than my relationship with my brother? Is my status at work more important than my relationship with my family? Our focus should not be on temporal wealth or position that can disappear in an instant, but on our spiritual relationship with God and one another. In the Responsorial Psalm we read, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart.” Praying for “wisdom of heart” helps us to cultivate detachment from the human, earthly desires that keep us distracted from “what matters to God.” Lord, teach us to pray; teach us to ACT. Teach us to be rich in kindness and mercy, communication and caring, forgiveness and acceptance, inclusion and hospitality, and all that matters to God.