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13 Sep

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lost and Found

One who wanders off, or becomes accidentally lost, or deliberately goes away—it is called being lost. Being lost is often being in a place where we don’t belong—a place unfamiliar to us, frightening or sometimes intimidating. Sometimes it is a condition of being ashamed of something. Or it can be a situation where we don’t go off physically, but we know that our heart is far from where it needs to be. This might be expressed as anger, bitterness or resentment, and a refusal to forgive.

What does it take for us to get back to where we belong? How do we get there? This week’s readings remind us that God is always in search of us. God is doing the searching for the lost, for the sinners, for those with hardened hearts. Do we need to be reminded of God’s immense and bounteous love for us all? That we are God’s delight?

We reflect also on what it means to be found, to be saved, to be restored to a right relationship of belonging? What is our response? The three stories lead us to God’s graciousness and tender mercy and our response of rejoicing and celebrating.

What will our celebration in the liturgy look like this weekend? How will we express our rejoicing? Will it be seen and felt in our gathering to celebrate, our eagerness to greet each other, our joy in receiving the Eucharist? Will it be sent forth into our life with family and friends, with co-workers and the various communities to which we belong? Does God need us to seek out someone who has wandered off, or gotten deliberately lost?