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27 Sep

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Be a Lazarus?

Are you familiar with any rich man and Lazarus stories in our lives today? Does it make you curious that only Lazarus is named? The rich man is generic. The poor man, the beggar has a name. Why do you think that is? Jesus has a reputation for turning things around, for turning them upside down. Often, the end result of his actions is not what we expect, or what our culture would promote.

Jesus reminds us that charity begins by seeing others through God’s eyes, as persons made in God’s image and worthy of our love and care. Who are the persons today that we might be called to see with “God’s eyes”? At the center of Catholic Social Teaching is the belief in the dignity of ALL persons.

Why do we have a responsibility to help those who are in need? How has your life been touched or changed when you have responded to someone in need? Have you spoken to someone about that conversion in your life?

Help me, Lord, to see the “Lazarus” that I meet this week. For this, let me/us work and pray!