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These are various documents used by volunteers in the SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry.
For additional procedural instructons, check this Procedures link.

    Archdiocese of San Antonio Requirements for Ministry Volunteers            
    TITLE:         DATE:  
    Adult Safe Environment (VIRTUS) Training Instructions                     February 28, 2017        
    Criminal Background Search Authorization & Release Form                     February 27, 2015        
    Policy on Sexual Misconduct on the Part of Church Personnel
    of the Archdiocese of San Antonio
    October 2003        

    TITLE:         DATE:  
    How to Access the MLF Tracker                 February 23, 2013        
    MLF Core Team Job Descriptions         Revised December 1, 2017        
    MLF News   ( current issue and back files )                 New issue released
    June 3, 2019        
    MLF News - Special Bulletins                 June 1, 2016
    September 4, 2017
    MLF Quick Facts                 Updated January 30, 2019        
    MLF Sign-up Form                 Revised May 16, 2016        
    MLF Statistics                 Updated January 5, 2018        
    MLF Volunteer Gathering Meeting Notes                 July 23, 2015        
    Meal Preparation & Delivery Team - Immediate Openings                 Revised March 21, 2019        
    Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck Run Log                 Revised February 11, 2017        
    Parent / Guardian Approval for Minor Child to Travel on SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck...                 Revised March 21, 2017        
    Service Locations                 Revised January 30, 2019        

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