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4 Oct

Anniversary of the Dedication of the Sanctuary of St. Francis of Assisi Church

Celebrate St. Francis

Build my Church! This was the message that St. Francis heard from Jesus in one of his many conversion experiences. As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of the dedication of our Church sanctuary on October 5, we have the opportunity to reflect on how we are “building” or “re-building” our Church and our Church community.

Our strengths in being a welcoming community, on providing opportunities to initiate new groups/communities for faith sharing and prayer experiences, and our emphasis on formation for the reception of all the sacraments are also our challenges for the future.

Are we inclusive in our invitations to participate in parish life? Do we have the same vitality and energy, the same, seeming wildness of St. Francis for the Gospel? Do we live the poverty, the dependence Francis had on Divine Providence, the Providence of God? Are we willing to accept suffering and the Cross in our lives? I invite you to take a moment to pray Art Laffin’s prayer to St. Francis at https://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/prayer-feast-st-francis-assisi to help you meditate and reflect on these questions.

We celebrate our parish Feast Day this Sunday with prayer and thanksgiving at our Masses where we rededicate ourselves to living the mission of our parish.

We, the parish family of St. Francis of Assisi, formed in 1980, are gifted with wisdom, productivity and vitality. We are a Sacramental people journeying toward our Christian mission to know, love and serve Christ. To better know, love and serve Christ, we strive to emulate our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, by focusing our greater concern on the building of our people, giving our time, talent and treasures in reaching out to others, and promoting peace and harmony within God’s creation. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to gather as community to grow in and strengthen our spirituality.

We also celebrate our community, our relationships with each other, and our working together to create stronger bonds with each other. We celebrate the ways that we serve our Church.

Join us at the FESTIVAL!