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12 Apr

Enjoy Our Famous BBQ Chicken & Sausage

It’s that time again! The Men’s Club’s quarterly BBQ Chicken & Sausage Sale is on Sunday, April 7 after both morning Masses. A whole chicken is $7 and sausage is $5 for a perfect $12 meal deal. Available until they are gone!

If you have not tried this BBQ before, you have to taste this juicy, flavorful staple of the Men’s Club. Our Men’s Club works hard for a full 24 hours before the sale. To prepare to feed our parish family, they fire up the BBQ pits at 2:00 am on Sunday morning. Check out the video below to see just a brief preview of all that is involved. Thanks to parishioner Jeff Stamets who produced and edited this video.

If you’d like to help BBQ, you can email Randy Heinz at randyheinz57@gmail.com or call or text him at 210-325-5757. (Men’s Club membership is not required to volunteer.) To learn more information about the Men’s Club, or to join, please click here: Men’s Club