Our Ministries
12 Apr

Deaf Faith & Fellowship Fiesta Medal

Deaf Faith & Fellowship (DFF) provides a place and the space for the deaf community to come together to deepen their relationships with God and one another. Because of your support in the past, and thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, this year we are able to gather every month instead of every 2-3 months! We have also, in collaboration with folks from Pilgrim Center of Hope, been able to participate in conferences that have allowed for wonderful encounters with the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

As we did last year, we are selling Fiesta medals again this year in order to raise funds to keep our mission alive. This year’s medal is a static representation of the American Sign Language (ASL) sign for “celebrate!” Indeed, there is much to celebrate: God’s love, a new year and new opportunities for DFF, and of course, you! For $10, you can “Celebrate!” Fiesta in style and “Celebrate!” DFF with us! DFF medals and T-shirts will be sold after the 11:15 am Mass on April 15 and 22.