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1 March

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

What’s in Your Heart?

The Gospel for this Sunday ends with these words: “from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

The other Scripture readings remind us that “the fruit of a tree shows the care it has had, so too does one’s speech disclose the bent of one’s mind.”

I am very fond of words. Words can be very powerful. Words can be used for good or for evil. Words can praise and words can hurt. We often use the expression “Actions speak louder than words.” But that doesn’t erase the power of words.

Our words say so much about us. What will your words say about you this week? Are the words you speak coming from what is in your heart? 

And so we pray: Holy God, help me to examine the words I use in conversation with my family, my friends, my co-workers, and anyone you place in my path.