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02 Aug

Fall 2018 Endow Study

Join women to read and learn about our Catholic faith and Church teachings together in a casual, friendly environment. Groups meet weekly for two hours. Study is done completely in class—no homework!

Fall 2018 class: “Humanae Vitae | 50th Anniversary”

The key message of this document is understanding the inseparable dependency of authentic love and truth in human relationships. This is Pope Paul VI’s long-awaited and controversial encyclical explaining the beauty of marriage and the sanctity of human life within that bond. This study is important because it addresses many questions modern Catholics have battled in today’s culture dealing with human love in relationships.

The class begins on Tuesday, September 11. Classes meet from 9:30 am-11:30 am. The cost of the class is $34.95. Please register online at https://endowgroups.org/groups/julie-mellin-s-group. Babysitting is available with advance RSVP to Julie Mellin; you can contact her at 210-416-4536 or at mellinjulie@hotmail.com.

To learn more about Endow, please visit www.endowonline.org.