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27 Mar

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Live in Hope

“I will put my spirit in you that you may live.” These words from the prophet Ezekiel remind us that in the midst of this pandemic God will see us through this. God is with us. God is creating something new in all of us—individually, as families, as the St. Francis parish community, as citizens and neighbors and in our world.

Perhaps we identify with the Babylonians in exile—Ezekiel’s audience. In many ways, we are feeling like we are in exile. We feel grief at the loss of life as we knew it just a few weeks ago. So much has changed and we are slowly realizing how a mysterious virus is affecting every aspect of our lives. We are discovering who we are and are being given the opportunity to create something new.

Some of us are discovering what it means to make a phone call rather than texting. Some of us are appreciating our children’s teachers more. Some of us are learning to pray as a family. Others are reaching out and accompanying others on this journey. People are standing in the street, keeping a safe distance and talking to their neighbors.

At present, we are also experiencing the challenge of being “Church” without being physically together in one place. We miss the Eucharist, YES. We are also discovering that the Spirit is in each of us as Jesus promised at Pentecost. The Spirit is with us through our reception of Baptism and Confirmation. There is no cancelation of the Spirit being in us and with us.

My short prayer, repeated several times each day is familiar to all of us. “Come, Holy Spirit. Fill the hearts of your faithful. Renew the face of the earth.” May the Spirit be in each of you that you may live—with hope and altered purpose.

May we be like Lazarus to whom Jesus beckons to new life. May we, like Jesus, be filled with compassion for all who are suffering, working in impossible circumstances and experiencing helplessness. May we be filled with gratitude for all that we have taken for granted.