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2 Aug

Health and Wellness Survey Results

Dear St. Francis parishioners,

We are excited to share the results of the Health and Wellness survey. Close to 240 participated; thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Respondents indicated the most interest in healthy food cooking demonstrations, healthy eating on a budget, CPR classes, and women’s health. On the fitness side, Tai Chi/Yoga, walking, and hiking groups had the most interest.

Events and programs will start this fall, primarily around these areas. Many good ideas emerged and some of these will take shape as we move ahead.

One thing we can offer now is Holy yoga at University United Methodist Church (UUMC) just up De Zavala Rd, every Monday at 6 pm and Wednesday at 9 am. They welcome us and have plenty of room for our parishioners. A point was raised via the survey about yoga’s consistency with Catholicism. Scripture and Christian prayer are fundamental to the Holy yoga program, and the instructor addressed this by noting they do their best to bring Christ into the room. Several from our parish have attended the sessions. Simply drop in! It is free; donations are accepted. Father Tony noted that we are not able to offer yoga, zumba, or exercise classes in Henke Hall at this time due to injury liability, though we can offer tai chi outdoors. This is low impact and beneficial for balance as we age.

This ministry will serve the parish and all are welcome, joining together in opportunities for fun and learning. We envision something for everyone, no matter where we’re at in our journey. We’ve met with other Catholic churches and organizations both locally and around the country that have successfully run health and wellness programs for 10-20 years. We’ve received input from an organizing committee of 10 parishioners and Father Tony to shape early ideas. We are building this for the long run.

Fifty people indicated a willingness to help with events as we move forward; this is tremendous! Most provided an email or phone; some did not. If you have not received a call or email and still want to help out, please email Lee Matecko or Julie Mellin at Lee.Matecko@gmail.com or MellinJulie@hotmail.com.

Watch for events soon!