Our Ministries
25 Jul

St. Francis Lawn Maintenance

The parish is in dire need of volunteers to help with lawn maintenance for the next 6-8 weeks while we go through the slow process of hiring a new maintenance person. Please contact Stephen Wright if you can donate 1 hour of your time per month for the next 2 months. We have divided the parish grounds into 6 sections. Volunteers would be responsible for one of those sections.

Do you hire someone to do lawn maintenance at your home? If you do, please consider donating your lawn service company to cut and trim one of those sections once a month during the next 2 months. This would be the preferred method to donate as your service would
have all the equipment needed. One parishioner has already donated his service for 2 visits during the next 2 months.

We hope you are able to respond to this shout-out for help. Please call Stephen Wright at the parish office, 210.492.4600, for additional details.