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4 May

Natural Family Planning Classes

Learn Natural Family Planning as taught by The Couple to Couple League. NFP is not the old Calendar Rhythm method! Come learn about the beauty of fertility through the eyes of JP II’s Theology of the Body.

In the classes, couples learn to track their natural cycle without harmful artificial hormones. This method is equally effective for couples who want to avoid or achieve pregnancy. It’s scientifically-based, medically safe, and 99% effective, and it is the only method morally acceptable by the Catholic Church. Build intimacy and increase communication in your marriage. Share the responsibility for your family planning.

There is a virtual class available at https://register.ccli.org. Please contact Cara or Victor Argumedo at 603.731.9014 or cara.conlan@yahoo.com or John and Cathy Nix 210.695.8020 or jandcnix@gmail.com if you have any questions.