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19,20 Feb

Bible Study Spring 2019

Fulfilled explores the biblical roots of the Catholic faith. It uncovers God’s consistent design for our worship of him and his relationship with us. Learn how the Old Testament Tabernacle can be used as a blueprint for the Catholic faith and how Jesus fulfilled it in the New Testament. This study focuses on the elements found in the outer sanctuary of the Tabernacle and how they connect to the liturgical calendar, the priesthood, purgatory, baptism, and more.

We are offering this Bible study on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 am in the Emmaus Room and on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm in the Good Shepherd Room. Mary Huebscher will lead Tuesday mornings, and Evelyn Huron will lead Wednesday evenings. We begin on February 19 and 20. The study lasts eight weeks with a week off for spring break. The cost is $25. Questions? Contact Larry Perry in the parish office.

Please register for this Bible study online at https://connectnowgiving.parishsoft.com/f/f2?formid=71ad3b52-cd30-468a-9168-0d2b1e080db6.

19 Feb

Join Our Casino Night Planning Committee

Our next Casino Night planning meeting is on Tuesday, February 19 at 7 pm in the Emmaus Room. If you are interested in helping with one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and having fun while you are at it, please join us! If you have any questions, please contact Michael Scholl at 210-347-4109.

14 Feb

Email Scam

A scammer has created a fake email account in Fr. Tony’s name with an old picture of him. The scammer sends a message to a parishioner or friend asking them for a favor or to assist in purchasing a gift for someone. The scammer may ask for a gift card number to be sent by text message so that he or she can have access to the money immediately. The fake account is through Gmail.

Please be aware that Fr. Tony, Fr. Krzysztof, Sr. Rose, or any member of the parish staff is not sending emails asking for help purchasing gifts for family or friends. If you receive a suspicious message, please do not reply to the request. As always, please be sure to exercise caution to avoid falling victim to scams like this.

15 Feb

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Blessing or Woe

When we reflect on the Beatitudes, how do we feel? Are we encouraged or discouraged? Are we happy or sad?

Luke’s presentation of the Sermon on the Mount is sometimes referred to as the “Upside Down Kingdom” or “The Great Reversal.” The Beatitudes are often described as the “higher law”—higher than the Ten Commandments. What does that reversal or upside-down-ness teach us? How does it inform us about what to expect in the next life? Will it be bliss or woe?

The meaning of the word “beatitude” is a state of utmost bliss, supreme blessedness and exalted happiness. The meaning of the word “woe” is great sorrow, distress and desolation. Which do we choose?

The beatitudes tell us how to live on earth so that we can live forever in heaven. When we listen to and reflect on Luke’s gospel, we realize that we have choices to make. Do we seek blessing or woe?

Throughout Luke’s gospel, Jesus advocates for the lowly and critiques those who do not use their status and wealth wisely. 

Jeremiah challenges us with a contrast/comparison of the tree planted beside the water and the barren bush. Do we choose to place our trust in ourselves and human beings alone? Do we choose to place our trust in God? Blessed are they who hope in the Lord. May we sing that refrain with boldness and joy realizing that Jesus invites us in the words of Pope Francis  “to leave behind all that is passing, to be a source of reassurance to those around us, and to give freely to all those in need.”

13 Feb

To Celebrate a Life of Love: Irene Casias

May 18, 1945-February 4, 2019

Irene Casias was born on May 18, 1945 in San Antonio, Texas, the eldest daughter of Patricio and Francisca Ramirez. She grew up in a tight-knit family of seven brothers and sisters before meeting the love of her life, Rudy Casias, to whom she was married for 42 years. Together they made their home a welcoming place for friends and family, regularly hosting Thanksgiving lunch and other get-togethers.

Irene was a unique and caring individual whose bright smile could instantly light up a room. She had a gift and passion for decorating, a flair for dressing, and loved to cook at home. Her lively personality and generous spirit ensured that she made friends wherever she went. She will be greatly missed by all of us who loved her.

Irene is preceded in death by husband Rudy Casias, parents Francisca and Patricio Ramirez, brothers Joe and Louis Ramirez, brother-in-law David Casias and wife Minnie. She is survived by sisters Beatrice Ramirez, Rose Mary Schoenmakers, Sylvia Alonzo, Gloria Ramirez, brother Adolph Ramirez and wife Leli, Jimmy and Rachel Casias, Joe and Fannie Casias, Robert and Edith Casias, Helen Smith, and numerous nieces and nephews.

A Mass celebrating Irene’s life will be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 11:00 am at St. Francis of Assisi with a reception to follow in Henke Hall.

8 Feb

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here I Am, Send Me

But I am sinful, of unclean lips, unworthy, unfit, and unqualified to be a follower of Jesus! These are the excuses we hear in the Scriptures this weekend. How then do we get to saying YES, to saying “Here am I, send me?”

At Mass, we often have children run to the altar for the dismissal for Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Sometimes I think some are racing to be the chosen one to carry the Book of the Gospels as they leave us. Others join them a bit slowly, and some reluctantly led by an older sibling. Whatever the motives for racing or plodding, they do all leave giving us witness to “Here I am, send me.”

When’s the last time you responded to a “call” that stretches you out of your comfort zone? Did you quickly disqualify yourself with reasons not to respond with an enthusiastic YES? What does it take to get to YES?

Every time we are with the community at Mass, we ask to be healed multiple times. We publicly admit that we are sinners and we ask for mercy. At the invitation to Communion we pray “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof.” We follow that with our act of trust in God’s mercy: “Only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

Our procession to receive the Body and Blood of Christ is an act of faith and trust that God’s bounteous, loving mercy makes us fit to be sent! Communion fortifies us with strength and goodness, courage and resilience, and a fitness for being sent. Why then, after praise and gratitude for the gift of the Eucharist, would we not stay for the final blessing? Our procession out of church, as a community, led by our priest, is that response Jesus seeks. Here I am, send me!

02 Jul

Fourth Friday for Us

Interested in enriching your marriage while building community with other couples in the parish? Come join us each month to foster a community of mutual support through monthly date nights that affirm spousal love, provide continual learning, and encourage spiritual growth. Gain inspirational insights from other couples in our parish on relevant topics that are common in our marriages. Continue to grow and learn about one another as you enjoy a date night with your spouse.

The cost is $25 and covers any and all dates you choose to attend. Childcare is provided with advanced notice. The dates are February 22 (Speakers TBD), March 22 (Speakers: John and Paula Trusela; Topic: Managing Your Finances Together), April 26 (Speaker: Fr. Tony Vilano), and May 24 (Speakers TBD). We will begin at 6:30 pm each of these nights in the Emmaus Room with social gathering time, an approximately 20-minute talk, and then an offsite date.

Please register online at https://connectnowgiving.parishsoft.com/f/f2?formid=2570a9fb-c0d9-474c-87e4-804e2ae029de.

Questions? Please contact Jessica Kozak at 732-539-5396.

2 March

St. Agnes Award for Girl Scouts

The Archdiocese of San Antonio Catholic Committee on Girl Scouting will sponsor a workshop for Girl Scouts of all ages to earn the St. Agnes Award on Saturday, March 2 from 9 am to noon at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, located at 20523 Huebner Rd. in San Antonio. The workshop is open to girls of all ages, but those in kindergarten through 3rd grade must be accompanied by an adult. The cost is $15 per girl and includes the medal and program materials (adults are free). Please contact Patsy Pelton at catholicgs@gmail.com to register or for more information.

21 Feb

Deepening Our Prayer Life with the Moms Ministry

The Moms Ministry will be hosting an evening meeting on February 21 at 7 pm in the Good Shepherd Room on the first floor of the San Damiano Building. Our topic of discussion is Deepening Our Prayer Life. All ladies are welcome to attend. Please bring a snack to share and let us know in advance if you need babysitting. Please contact Regina Turner at 210-843-6755 or Jacqueline Roman Samuel at jromansamuel@yahoo.com for more information. To learn more about the Moms Ministry, please visit http://sfasat.org/moms/.