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25 Oct

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who Am I in Prayer?

How do I present myself to God when I pray? Do I express my utter dependence on God alone with humility, admitting my sinfulness? Do I try to impress God with a focus on what I am doing for the poor, for the widow and the orphan, for the refugee?

When in my life do I find myself saying “Thank God I am not like the others?” How do we know when perhaps we are complicit in social sin?

I found this reflection very helpful in understanding the lessons of this parable for me today.


16 Oct

Beware of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams have been growing more and more lately in parish communities. Whether it’s an email request from someone at the parish, or a text message sent to a parishioner asking for gift cards or money, scammers are getting savvier in tricking people into giving them money. What can you do to avoid all this? Think before you click!

If you ever get a text message from someone claiming to be the pastor of your parish, or a hastily written email from a prominent member of your parish staff, with a strange request — you need to train yourself to step back and think: is this normal?

Usually the request is for iTunes or GooglePlay gift cards to be purchased, the back scratched off to reveal the PIN number, and then both sides photographed and texted back to the person asking for them. Rather unusual for a pastor or someone else on staff to ask for, right? Nine times out of ten, you’d be right, and the best thing to do is delete the text message or email ASAP. But if you still have doubts, you can always connect with that person through other means — like calling the parish office directly, in order to be sure.

Every day, you hear of a new internet scam. The best way to not fall for these scams is to remain vigilant, always verify, and always think before you click. For more ways to protect yourself, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information website for some great tips.

27 Sep

Fourth Friday for Us

Are you interested in enriching your marriage while building community with other couples in the parish? Come join us on the fourth Friday of each month to foster a community of mutual support through monthly date nights that affirm spousal love, provide continual learning, and encourage spiritual growth. Gain inspirational insights from other couples from our parish on relevant topics that are common in our marriages. Continue to grow and learn about one another as you enjoy a date night with your spouse.

The cost is $25 and covers any and all dates you choose to attend. Childcare is provided with advanced notice. The dates are November 22, 2019; January 24, 2020; February 28, 2020; March 27, 2020; April 24, 2020; and May 22, 2020. We will begin at 6:30 pm each of these night in the Emmaus Room on the first floor of the San Damiano Building.

For more information please feel free to contact Jessica Kozak at jessica0890@gmail.com or 732-539-5396.

Estas interesado en enriquecer tu matrimonio y hacer comunidad con otras parejas de la parroquia? Acompañanos cada cuarto viernes de mes. Para fortalecer tu matrimonio se necesita tiempo y en esta sesiones se tocará brevemente una temática y después cada pareja se irá en su propia cita para ahondar en el tema. El costo es $25 por todas las sesiones. Nov. 22, En. 24, Feb. 28, Marzo 27, Abr. 24 y Mayo 22. La guardería tiene lugar limitado y requiere reservación. Edificio San Damiano Salón Good Shepard a las 6:30 pm. Para mayor infomación contacta a Claudia y Manuel Naredo 210-487-0399 los5naredos@gmail.com o Monica y Jorge Bonilla al 210-323-2887 ab@rracis.com.

16 Oct

To Celebrate a Life of Love: Annelle Roquemore McGuire

August 20, 1926-August 19, 2019

Annelle Roquemore McGuire died in Austin on August 19, 2019. She was born in Fort Worth on August 20, 1926 to LeRoy and Ruth Roquemore. She graduated from the University of Texas and received her master’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake College. She taught in the N.E. Independent School District for 30 years.

She is preceded in death by her husband of 61 years E.R. Mac McGuire in 2008 and by two of her six children, John Robert McGuire and James Dennis McGuire. She is survived by her daughter and her spouse Mary Lynn and Vic McNallie of Santa Fe, NM, Michael McGuire and his wife Terry of Magnolia Beach, TX, Rocky and his wife Monica of Pflugerville and Mark and his wife Margaret of San Antonio, her sister Elna Fay Ford of Dallas and by four grandchildren, step-grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Annelle was a member of the St. Francis of Assisi community for almost 20 years. She was on the first women’s ACTS retreat team and also participated in Bible Study and the Society of the Rosary, volunteered at the Parish Festival every year, and volunteered for Mobile Loaves & Fishes. She loved the parish and was dedicated to service.

A memorial Mass will be held at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church at 4201 De Zavala Rd. on Thursday, October 24 at 10 am. A reception will follow in the JP II Room on the second floor of the San Damiano Building.

18 Oct

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Persistence in Pursuit of Justice

“Because this widow keeps bothering me, I shall render a just decision for her.” We can choose our words. “Bothering” has a certain connotation. Being a pest about something is another. I have sometimes been accused of being a thorn in the side of someone, given my name.

To be relentless, to persist, to care so much that you are not afraid to speak out, to be bold, to use her voice—are other words to describe this widow, this woman.  After all, what does she have to lose, given her status as a widow?

What do you suppose she was persistent about? What was she experiencing that demanded a just decision for her? What does justice look like today? Who are the women advocating for justice? Am I one of them? What am I willing to do for justice as an individual? Within my family? As a citizen of a powerful nation? As a Catholic?

In my own prayer and reflection, I often ask myself who and what I stand for. Most of the time this comes when I am being critical of what I see as unjust. If I am angry, I am not able to bring goodness. We don’t need greatness; we need goodness. If I am grounded in what Jesus teaches, I can be critical without adding to an enemy list. I am responsible for what I love. I cannot live with suffering without seeing it and doing something.

What is the something you will do this week as one who is persistent in pursuit of justice?

11 Oct

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Grateful One in Ten

“We are ten lepers, with scars and wounds—and hope for your healing touch. From our souls’ depths we raise our voices to you. ‘Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!’ As we glimpse the grace you pour upon us, we thank you.” (Anne Osdieck, https://liturgy.slu.edu/28OrdC101319/prayerpathmain.html)

I am so grateful to Anne for reminding me and us that at one time or another, we are all lepers. We can probably all name people we know, perhaps we ourselves have been “lepers” or the untouchables, shunned and avoided! Maybe it was when we were severely depressed. Maybe we were so angry, disgruntled and hard to be with. Maybe we were divorced and people took sides and blamed us. Maybe arguments over family inheritance or loyalties to family members led to shunning.

And then someone heard our cry (even the silent ones) and reached out and touched. Perhaps the healing came from a knowing glance, a tender look and a smile. Perhaps it was sitting in silence, accompanying, “sitting with” that provided a healing. Perhaps it was simple words of encouragement that give hope.

The Gospel reading focuses on the one in ten who came back and expressed gratitude—who gave thanks! Today we reflect on the times when we have “cried out for help,” received healing and expressed thanks. We approach the Eucharist each Sunday as “wounded” or “scarred” in need of healing, hoping for that touch, that glance, that person next to us who names us at the Greeting of Peace. And we say “Thank You.” That is the meaning of Eucharist—thanksgiving! And we the participants in this sacred liturgy are all the Body of Christ, reaching out and touching. And grace is poured upon us, individually and as a community, as a parish and as world Church.

08 Oct

To Celebrate a Life of Love: Vincent Howard

Vincent “Vin” was born on October 31, 1939, in Burlington, Massachusetts and passed on September 28, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas.

He and his wife were members of St. Francis of Assisi for 35+ years. Vin was preceded in death by his parents, Vincent F. and Edna M. (Harkins) Howard, brother Kenneth, and brother-in-law Joseph Derro (Carol). He is survived by his loving wife of 58+ years, Madeline. Father of Kenneth (Armand) of Dallas; and Craig (Maria) of San Antonio. Grandfather of Joseph (Julian), Sean (Michelle), Timothy (Courtney), and Nicole Savage (Ryan) of Dallas; and Danielle of Fort Worth. Brother of Sheila of Burlington, MA; Rosemary Wagner (Ron) of Spring Hill, FL; Joanne Graziosi (Albert) of Everett, MA; Kevin (Darlene) of San Francisco, CA; and Stephen (Joan) of Burlington, MA. Brother-in-law of Dr. Robert Derro (Lieselotte) of Duluth, GA. He is also survived by his great grandchildren James, Brady, John and Lucy; and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

Vin was a graduate of Burlington High School, Northeastern University and Suffolk University, Boston, MA. He was a longtime and devoted fan of the Boston Red Sox.

Services will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. A reception for family and friends in San Antonio will be announced at a later date.

Donations may be made to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, St. Francis of Assisi, 4201 De Zavala Road, San Antonio, TX 78249.

4 Oct

Anniversary of the Dedication of the Sanctuary of St. Francis of Assisi Church

Celebrate St. Francis

Build my Church! This was the message that St. Francis heard from Jesus in one of his many conversion experiences. As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of the dedication of our Church sanctuary on October 5, we have the opportunity to reflect on how we are “building” or “re-building” our Church and our Church community.

Our strengths in being a welcoming community, on providing opportunities to initiate new groups/communities for faith sharing and prayer experiences, and our emphasis on formation for the reception of all the sacraments are also our challenges for the future.

Are we inclusive in our invitations to participate in parish life? Do we have the same vitality and energy, the same, seeming wildness of St. Francis for the Gospel? Do we live the poverty, the dependence Francis had on Divine Providence, the Providence of God? Are we willing to accept suffering and the Cross in our lives? I invite you to take a moment to pray Art Laffin’s prayer to St. Francis at https://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/prayer-feast-st-francis-assisi to help you meditate and reflect on these questions.

We celebrate our parish Feast Day this Sunday with prayer and thanksgiving at our Masses where we rededicate ourselves to living the mission of our parish.

We, the parish family of St. Francis of Assisi, formed in 1980, are gifted with wisdom, productivity and vitality. We are a Sacramental people journeying toward our Christian mission to know, love and serve Christ. To better know, love and serve Christ, we strive to emulate our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, by focusing our greater concern on the building of our people, giving our time, talent and treasures in reaching out to others, and promoting peace and harmony within God’s creation. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to gather as community to grow in and strengthen our spirituality.

We also celebrate our community, our relationships with each other, and our working together to create stronger bonds with each other. We celebrate the ways that we serve our Church.

Join us at the FESTIVAL!

27 Sep

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Be a Lazarus?

Are you familiar with any rich man and Lazarus stories in our lives today? Does it make you curious that only Lazarus is named? The rich man is generic. The poor man, the beggar has a name. Why do you think that is? Jesus has a reputation for turning things around, for turning them upside down. Often, the end result of his actions is not what we expect, or what our culture would promote.

Jesus reminds us that charity begins by seeing others through God’s eyes, as persons made in God’s image and worthy of our love and care. Who are the persons today that we might be called to see with “God’s eyes”? At the center of Catholic Social Teaching is the belief in the dignity of ALL persons.

Why do we have a responsibility to help those who are in need? How has your life been touched or changed when you have responded to someone in need? Have you spoken to someone about that conversion in your life?

Help me, Lord, to see the “Lazarus” that I meet this week. For this, let me/us work and pray!

23 Sep

To Celebrate a Life of Love: John Matthew Castillo

March 3, 2003-September 17, 2019

John Matthew Castillo, age 16, passed away on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas. He was born on March 3, 2003 in San Antonio to Humberto Rafael Castillo and Mary Elizabeth Friend. He was a junior at Great Hearts Northern Oaks school and a part-time employee of Milberger Nursery. John was an outstanding student, a voracious reader, a gifted and resourceful artist, and a talented athlete who excelled at swimming and track. Those who knew John appreciated his keen wit and his ability to strike up a conversation with anyone he met. They will remember his love of plants, nature, and all growing things, and his affection for animals. He was a natural leader and took genuine pleasure in helping others, from mowing neighbors’ lawns to volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. Most of all, John loved his parents, his younger brothers, his family, and his many friends of all ages. He will be deeply missed.

John is survived by his loving parents, Humberto and Mary Castillo of San Antonio; his brothers Michael Alexander and Christian Gabriel of San Antonio; grandparents John and Nancy Friend of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Humberto and Carmen Castillo of Villahermosa, Mexico; aunts and uncles Christy Friend and Brad Stratton of Columbia, South Carolina, Andy and Kate Friend of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Sean Friend of Austin, Texas, David Friend and Pat Bradley of New York City, Javier Castillo of Villahermosa, Mexico, and Rocio and Fernando Cabrera of Mexico City; and cousins Devin Friend and Chloe Friend of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Emma Stratton and Jane Stratton of Columbia, South Carolina, Samuel Friend of Austin, Texas, Viridiana, Fernanda, and Alexa Cabrera of Mexico City, and Regina and Emilio Castillo of Cancun, Mexico.

6:00 PM
7:00 PM

10:00 AM

Interment will follow in Holy Cross Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the John Matthew Castillo Memorial Fund at GoFundMe.com.

3 de marzo del 2003 – 17 de septiembre del 2019

John Matthew Castillo, de 16 años de edad, falleció el martes 17 de septiembre del 2019 en San Antonio, Texas. Nació el 3 de marzo del 2003 en San Antonio, hijo de Humberto Rafael Castillo y Mary Elizabeth Friend. Era estudiante de cuarto año de secundaria en la escuela Great Hearts Northern Oaks y trabajaba como empleado de medio tiempo en la jardinería Milberger Nursery. John fue un estudiante sobresaliente, un ávido lector, un artista talentoso e ingenioso, y un excelente atleta que sobresalió en la natación y carreras. Los que conocieron a John apreciaron su astuto ingenio y su habilidad de iniciar una conversación con cualquier persona que encontraba. Será recordado por su amor a las plantas, a la naturaleza, y todo lo que crece, así como su afecto por los animales. Era un líder natural y obtenía gozo genuino en ayudar a otros, ya fuera cortando el césped de vecinos o trabajando como voluntario en Habitat for Humanity, ayudando a construir casas para gente necesitada. Más que todo, John amaba a sus padres, a sus hermanos menores, a su familia, y a sus muchos amigos de todas edades. Nos hará una falta profunda.
A John le sobreviven sus amados padres, Humberto y Mary Castillo de San Antonio; sus hermanos Michael Alexander y Christian Gabriel de San Antonio; abuelos John y Nancy Friend de Lake Charles, Louisiana, y Humberto y Carmen Castillo de Villahermosa, México; tías y tíos Christy Friend y Brad Stratton de Columbia, Carolina del Sur, Andy y Kate Friend de Lake Charles, Louisiana, Sean Friend de Austin, Texas, David Friend y Pat Bradley de ciudad de Nueva York, Javier Castillo de Villahermosa, México, y Rocío y Fernando Cabrero de ciudad de México; y primos Devin Friend y Chloe Friend de Lake Charles, Louisiana, Emma Stratton y Jane Stratton de Columbia, Carolina del Sur, Samuel Friend de Austin, Texas, Viridiana, Fernanda y Alexa Cabrera de ciudad de México, y Regina y Emilio Castillo de Cancún, México.

6:00 PM
7:00 PM

10:00 AM

Sus restos serán pasados al cementerio Holy Cross para su santa sepultura.