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13 May

Weekend Mass Sign Ups

You must indicate the number of family members, including yourself, who will attend so that we can adhere to the limit allowed inside the church. Please do NOT sign up for more slots than you need for your immediate family who lives in your household, and please do NOT invite friends or family who do not live in your household. Only registered parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi should be signing up to attend Mass.

Please be aware that the 11 am and 1:30 pm Sunday Masses will be live-streamed.


Sign ups are not required for our weekday Masses, but we will still observe a capacity limit of 160 people. All of our daily Masses will begin at 10 am and will be live-streamed. Our Thursday 10 am Mass will be in Spanish; we will not have an English Mass that day.


26 Mar

Online Giving

St. Francis of Assisi depends on the parishioner support and generosity of the weekend offertory contributions. Your continued financial support is needed for the financial obligations of the Church. You can continue to support the Church by mailing in your contributions, by making an online contribution, or by clicking the “Giving” button in our parish app. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


If you have not set up online giving with us, you can also use this alternative online giving link from the Archdiocese of San Antonio. All proceeds will come to our parish. Please be sure to select St. Francis of Assisi – SA – San Antonio.


15 Aug

Johnny Flores’ Diaconate Ordination

We are proud to announce that St. Francis of Assisi parishioner Johnny Flores will be promoted to the Sacred Order of Deacon at his Diaconate Ordination at 10 am on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at St. Rose of Lima Parish (9883 Marbach Rd., San Antonio, TX 78245). Due to COVID-19, space at the Mass is very limited. The ordination Mass will be live-streamed on Catholic Television of San Antonio’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/catholictvsa/) and YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9miO6r5R-rCn6vzN_uMhg). Please keep Johnny and his wife, Shirley, in your prayers.

If anyone is aware of any reason why Johnny should not be ordained, please contact the Director, Diaconate Program at 210-734-1678.

06 Aug

A Message for Faith Formation Families

I hope that you are well and enjoying your summer. I know that we’re all gearing up to start school at home in the next few weeks and each family is faced with decisions about how your children will proceed with school after Labor Day. I am praying for you as you make the difficult decisions that face families at this time and throughout the coming school year.

This year Elementary Faith Formation will be a home-based program for all of our families. This was not an easy decision to make, and I hope that at some point in the near future it will be safe enough to gather in faith formation classrooms again. I didn’t want to make you wait any longer for a decision, nor did I want to have a year of uncertainty and vacillating between on-campus and at home models. I hope that having one consistent plan for the entire year will provide you and your children some level of comfort. I believe that this can be a beautiful experience for your family as you experience faith formation together this year helping you to further cultivate and strengthen your domestic church. This may sound like a huge undertaking for your family, but I promise that it will be manageable and enriching.

The Benefits:

Being your child’s catechist will encourage a focus on faith within your family

Faith Formation at Home will allow you to have control over your faith formation schedule

You will have the flexibility to customize your lessons based on your family’s specific situation and needs

Faith Formation can remain a constant in your family’s routine regardless of how much other areas of life may fluctuate

The Plan:

Parents will serve as the primary catechists for their children teaching lessons on their own schedule and pace

Workbooks and a curriculum website will be provided to support families with catechesis

Miriam and a team of catechists will provide optional, virtual monthly enrichment lessons to help maintain a connection with the St. Francis faith formation community

I look forward to continuing to work with your children as they grow in their understanding of our faith and I will be here to provide support to families throughout this process. We are still working out the details of the registration process, and I will update you on that as soon as we have online registration ready. Once we have completed registering children, there will be additional information regarding the process for picking up workbooks when that time comes. I am in the final stages of selecting a new curriculum, which I know will be an important tool in this faith formation year. It is important to me that the new curriculum provides families with the support and resources necessary for making this at home experience a successful one. Sacrament Preparation for Reconciliation and Eucharist will continue in a similar fashion to what it has been in the past—lessons are primarily home-taught with a few special sessions which I will lead. Those lessons will likely take place via Zoom if we aren’t able to meet in person when the time comes. I’ll continue to communicate all of the details of catechesis with you.

I’ve missed seeing my faith formation kids at Mass with their family each Sunday. In-person Masses continue at St. Francis, and you are welcome to join us if you feel comfortable doing so. Please be sure to sign up to reserve your spot. You can find guidelines for attending Mass and the sign up on the parish website. Look for “Weekend Mass Sign Ups” on the homepage.

I will be in touch soon with registration information. Please feel free to let me know what concerns you have as we venture into this new style of faith formation. As always, I want you to know that you have my support in this!

-Miriam Flores, Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator

06 Aug

An Invitation to Listening Conversations

How are you doing with all the challenges of life? What issues/pressures are you and your family facing? Would you like to move from lament to hope? Are you craving adult conversations with others in our parish community?

Jesus was remarkable in his encounters with others, in his capacity and ability to listen to the stories of people who were often strangers. No one left the encounter without being changed in some way. When we enter into someone else’s story, we understand and are often moved to action that leads to hope.

If you are interested in participating in a Zoom group to talk, to stay
connected to other parishioners, and to listen to our neighbors in need, please send an email to Sister Rose indicating that you’d like to

If Zoom doesn’t work for you, we can provide other options.

04 May

Request to Register from Fr. Tony

Why should I register as a parishioner?

Parishioners receive full communication with the parish, which is vital as we reopen the church. Registration also allows the parish to provide an annual contribution statement for parishioners’ federal tax purposes. Registration enables the parish to more accurately track membership growth for budgeting and planning needs. The parish provides letters of recommendation and permission to members who wish to be godparents or wish to receive sacraments at other churches.

Update us with any new contact or household information

If you are already registered but your family (e.g. newborn child) or contact information (new email address, home address, apartment number, phone number, etc.) has changed, please let the parish office know.

Parish Registration (Spanish)

30 Apr

Career Transformation Ministry

A side effect of COVID-19 is the displacement of workers. If you are one of the displaced, underutilized, or just looking, consider joining Career Transformation Ministry. We tie your career search with scripture and provide resources like job search strategies in a recession environment, resume reviews, and mock interviews. Career Transformation Ministry meets every Monday at 7:00 pm. Email ctm@sfasat.org to join.

For more information, visit the Career Transformation Ministry page.