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13 May

Weekend Mass Sign Ups

You must indicate the number of family members, including yourself, who will attend so that we can adhere to the limit allowed inside the church. Please do NOT sign up for more slots than you need for your immediate family who lives in your household, and please do NOT invite friends or family who do not live in your household. Only registered parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi should be signing up to attend Mass. Registered parishioners are no longer limited to attending only one Mass per month at this time.

Please be aware that the 11 am and 1:30 pm Sunday Masses will be live-streamed.


Sign ups are not required for our weekday Masses, but we will still observe a capacity limit of 200 people. All of our daily Masses will begin at 10 am and will be live-streamed. Our Thursday 10 am Mass will be in Spanish; we will not have an English Mass that day.


26 Mar

Online Giving

St. Francis of Assisi depends on the parishioner support and generosity of the weekend offertory contributions. Your continued financial support is needed for the financial obligations of the Church. You can continue to support the Church by mailing in your contributions, by making an online contribution, or by clicking the “Giving” button in our parish app. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


If you have not set up online giving with us, you can also use this alternative online giving link from the Archdiocese of San Antonio. All proceeds will come to our parish. Please be sure to select St. Francis of Assisi – SA – San Antonio.


04 May

Request to Register from Fr. Tony

Why should I register as a parishioner?

Parishioners receive full communication with the parish, which is vital as we reopen the church. Registration also allows the parish to provide an annual contribution statement for parishioners’ federal tax purposes. Registration enables the parish to more accurately track membership growth for budgeting and planning needs. The parish provides letters of recommendation and permission to members who wish to be godparents or wish to receive sacraments at other churches.

Update us with any new contact or household information

If you are already registered but your family (e.g. newborn child) or contact information (new email address, home address, apartment number, phone number, etc.) has changed, please let the parish office know.

Parish Registration (Spanish)

30 Apr

Career Transformation Ministry

A side effect of COVID-19 is the displacement of workers. If you are one of the displaced, underutilized, or just looking, consider joining Career Transformation Ministry. We tie your career search with scripture and provide resources like job search strategies in a recession environment, resume reviews, and mock interviews. Career Transformation Ministry meets every Monday at 7:00 pm. Email ctm@sfasat.org to join.

For more information, visit the Career Transformation Ministry page.

3 Apr

St. Vincent de Paul Donations

St. Francis of Assisi parishioners, as you know, the 40 Cans for Lent project was not completed, but our St. Vincent de Paul food pantry continues to help the needy with food assistance. As a result of the coronavirus, we are limited in our ability to shop for large amounts of food. Your donations are needed now more than ever and can be dropped off at the St. Vincent de Paul office on St. Francis of Assisi’s campus (go to the first small parking lot off of Indian Woods) during our hours of operation (Monday: 12 pm-2 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am-12 pm). You can also leave items in the bin at the front door of the parish office. At this time, our St. Vincent de Paul pantry especially needs the following:

Cereal 14-16 oz box Jelly 10-12 oz Pinto Beans 1 lb Ramen soup packages 3 oz
Pasta Sauce 24 oz can Saltine Crackers 1 lb box Peanut butter crackers Skillet Mix/Hamburger Helper 6 oz box
Chili (no beans) 15 oz Rice 2 lbs Fruit bars Mashed potatoes 7 oz box
Evaporated milk 12 oz can Peanut butter 18 oz Ravioli 15 oz can Spaghetti 1 lb


Please limit donations to new and unopened items and check expiration dates to ensure that donations are current. Thank you for your generosity.

15 Aug

Johnny Flores’ Diaconate Ordination

We are proud to announce that St. Francis of Assisi parishioner Johnny Flores will be promoted to the Sacred Order of Deacon at his Diaconate Ordination at 10 am on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at St. Rose of Lima Parish. Please keep Johnny and his wife, Shirley, in your prayers.

If anyone is aware of any reason why Johnny should not be ordained, please contact the Director, Diaconate Program at 210-734-1678.

23 Feb

2020 Archbishop’s Appeal

On behalf of Archbishop Gustavo and Fr. Tony, we invite you and your family to offer a sacrificial gift of love by participating in this year’s Archbishop’s Appeal, “Accompany with Joy, Give with Grace.” Your gift will support the formation of priests and deacons to serve you, your families, and individuals locally; support the formation of lay leaders to serve as catechists in our parish religious programs; offer a Catholic education to families in need; broadcast the televised Mass; and share Christ’s love as it feeds, clothes, shelters, and cares for the most vulnerable. The Lord wants us to trust Him completely. The practice of stewardship and giving selflessly in love helps us to grow in trust with our Lord. We are not owners of anything, but rather caretakers of God’s gifts. We are called to share those gifts to make Christ’s love present through ministries serving our community. Please pray and find it in your heart to make a sacrificial gift to this year’s Appeal. Gifts can be given using the parish Appeal envelope, online at www.archsa.org/archbishops-appeal, or by calling 210.734.1604. Please make sure to indicate that you are giving from St. Francis of Assisi so that your gift can go towards our parish goal of $154,976.45. May God bless you for your willingness to Accompany with Joy, Give with Grace.