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25 Apr

Parish Reconnect Sessions

Are you yearning for conversations with others in the parish, for reconnecting to parish life? As we look ahead to the great celebration of Pentecost, we invite parishioners to attend one of our Parish Reconnect sessions as our community enters into a time of new possibilities. These sessions will provide opportunities to share stories of how this time has affected you, your family, and our parish community. What have we learned about ourselves and our community as a result of this past year? We will envision together what parish life can be as we move to post-COVID times.

We will have three in-person sessions in Henke Hall and two online sessions on Zoom. The in-person sessions are 12-1 pm on April 25, 10:30-11:30 am on May 3, and 7-8 pm on May 6. The virtual sessions are 7-8 pm on April 27 and 7-8 pm on May 12.

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