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6 Apr

Second Sunday of Easter

Closed Doors

Why and when do we hide behind closed doors? We know that Jesus’ disciples hid after his death. They went into hiding, disappointed and afraid. We go into hiding too, don’t we? Perhaps it is because we have so much to do, expectations of others are so high, we are having trouble with priorities—and on it goes. We close doors, we doubt that our faith is enough, we doubt that others will be there for us, we doubt other people’s motives—and on it goes. We hide behind closed doors, and we close doors.

In the Gospel reading this weekend, Jesus begins every encounter with the words, “Peace be with you.” This is Jesus’ invitation to give up the fear and to spend time with him. “Peace be with you” might be just the disarming welcome that helps us to overcome whatever is closing the doors to new encounters.

So let’s try it! For the next few days (or weeks), try using the words “peace be with you.” Use it as a greeting. Use it as a prayer. Try not to be so busy. Take time for Mass on Sunday with the community. Encourage others, pray more, and name other things that take us out of hiding, into the Light of Christ! See what happens when we come out from behind closed doors.