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15 March

Second Sunday of Lent

Me, Transfigured?

What really happened on that mountain top? We read that Jesus took his companions to the mountain to pray. And what happened is described as a glimpse of eternal life, the glory of God, and the life of the world to come. It reminds us of our purpose on earth—to know, love, and serve God AND to be happy with God in heaven.

This gospel coincides with the Period of Purification and Enlightenment in the RCIA process. The whole Church joins in a season of asking for insight into what in our lives need “enlightenment” or focus. What needs to be purified? What do we wish to see more clearly? What are the hungers and thirsts in our lives? What keeps us bound and unfree?

This weekend we are invited to reflect on a time(s) in our lives when we entered the clouds and fogs of life and found clarity and hope. Notice the many ways we ask for that clarity in our prayer at Mass this weekend and throughout our 40-day observance of Lent. When Jesus’ followers looked at the transfigured Jesus, what did they see? In our praying, in our spending time in the silence of Lent, are we beginning to see ourselves as the beloved daughters and sons of God? Are we paying attention and listening? Are we too preparing to be happy with God in heaven?