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03 Jan

The Epiphany of the Lord

May Christ Bless This House

The Magi trekked a long, long way riding camels, following only a star, one that shone brightly and was the guide to finding Jesus. What love and adoration we find in their presence to Jesus, his family, and all the creatures that surrounded them.

In our daily lives, we too search for Jesus. Like the magi, we can find him in the humblest of settings, our homes. One of my greatest memories of the Feast of the Three Kings was an activity that we religiously did after attending Mass. Some of you may recognize it as the “chalking of the door.”

This ritual of prayer and action asks for God’s blessing on the dwelling, including barns and “man caves,” and on all who live, work in them and visit them. Inviting Jesus to be present as a guest in our home kept us vigilant about monitoring our behavior in the house, or the dairy barn, or the garage.

We prayed that our dwellings would be filled with listening in our conversations, compassion and mercy in the midst of troubled times, and generous hospitality to all who came to visit us. We marked the doorpost, the entry to the house, with 20 C+M+B 19 remembering that 2019 years ago LOVE came to earth as a child, one of us. That love is present in each of us, in the ways that we choose to be love in the lives of others.

The use of chalk reminds us of teaching and learning, (Today it would have to be Dry Erase or Washable Markers or Smart Boards.) We remember that today we learn from others, our companions in the home. We remember that love is made present in humility and kindness, in mercy and compassion, in listening and instructing.

May Jesus find the warmth of a home in our hearts and in our habits. May we be blessed with health, kindness of heart, gentleness and the keeping of the commandments to love. Fill us with the light of Christ!

For more information, http://lituryg.co.nz/epiphany-cahalk-house-blessing-3.