Our Ministries
13 Dec

Third Sunday of Advent

Jump for Joy

When was the last time you jumped for joy? What was it that brought this delight to your life?

In this third week of Advent, we focus on JOY—on rejoicing. What would it be like to sing “Joy To the World” accompanied by spontaneous jumping for joy?

God rejoices in us! Do we really believe that? Each Sunday when we gather as community, our celebration of the Mass gives us opportunities galore to show that joy, that rejoicing in God’s goodness to us. Here are a few:

Sing with joy, using the voice God gave you!

Pray boldly and audibly—with joy!

Greet others with gladness to see them!

Spend some time after Mass visiting with others and getting to know them. Express gladness to have seen them.

Thank those who generously serve at our liturgies!

Talk about what brings you joy on the way home, at lunch, or sometime during this week.

Let’s look for reasons to “cry out with joy and gladness” all week long, all season long!

P.S. I am filled with joy at the very generous response from many of you to the Religious Retirement Fund appeal I did last weekend. Thank you for your monetary donations and your words of affirmation of my message.