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3 May

Third Sunday of Easter

The Miraculous Catch of Care

When I was a little girl, I liked to go fishing with my grandpa and grandma in our farm pond. We’d just sit and sit and stare at the cork, waiting for just a nibble. To catch something, even a sun perch, was such fun. But most of all, I liked the company of my grandparents. I had them all to myself!

What is it like to go fishing with Jesus? In this third apparition of Jesus, after his resurrection, his companions hear these words: Have you caught anything? Do you have anything to eat? Try on the other side. Come have breakfast. Do you love me? Feed my lambs. Tend my sheep. Follow me. 

What do WE hear in these words? 

Anne Osdieck calls the actions of Jesus “the miraculous catch of care.” Jesus cares about hunger. Jesus restores confidence in the ability to succeed in life-sustaining work. Jesus invites others to share food at breakfast. 

Lord, you know that we love you! Help us to feed your lambs and tend your sheep. Help us to say YES to following you. Can we become followers who accept the invitation to be active participants in “the miraculous catch of care?”