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22 Jul

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Persisting in Prayer

DkruppaWhen you think of yourself and your prayer life, which image fits you best?  Are you praising and rejoicing? Begging and pleading?  Interceding for others?  In advising us to ask—seek—knock in our prayer, Jesus is reminding us that prayer always takes us out of ourselves, and places us before God.  What do we ask of God? Are we like Abraham, bargaining or asking for justice? Are we bold in our prayer? What would that look like? If the Our Father is our prayer, are we serious about the forgiveness part?  The words “persistent” and “persistence” are found in the readings.  This weekend, we can ask for Abraham’s courage to be persistent before God and we will find God with us in every life circumstance.  We can dare to go outside ourselves, to consider what discipleship demands of us, and to place ourselves before God. Isn’t the Eucharist just such an opportunity? See you on Sunday for persistent prayer and prayer for persistence!

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