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28 Jul

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

DkruppaWhat does it mean to be rich in what matters to God?  Most of us can probably describe well what it means to be rich. Some of us would like to be rich. Some of us are already rich and don’t know it.

Jesus teaches that possessions and wealth are not bad. Rather, it is one’s attitude toward possessions that matters.  We can become possessed by possessions, focused on things and wealth, rather than keeping God as the center of our lives. The danger is often greed and selfishness. I know too many people, some in my family, who worked so hard to accumulate more and more, saying that they would enjoy life when they retire. They would spend more time with their wife and children, visiting family, reading books, volunteering for church activities and learning how to pray more when they retire. And they died soon after retirement began, and some even before.

Jesus teaches me to trust God, not myself, and to be rich toward God. What do I need to grow rich in the sight of God? What do I need for this growth to take place? I’m going to reflect and pray for conversion on my part at Mass this weekend. See you there? Together, in community, we can explore God’s calls to us to be “rich toward God.”

Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church