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16 Dec

4th Sunday of Advent

Joseph and the Nativity

DkruppaMeet a man with a plan! Joseph has the situation in hand! Finding out that Mary, his fiancée, has become pregnant by another man, he prepares to do the right and proper thing—quietly break off the promise to marry. In his day, this was not only the “proper” thing to do; it would also spare her from shame. From his understanding of the situation, he is being merciful. He is being a good man.

But divine intervention comes to Joseph in the form of an angel and a dream. He learns that Mary has not been unfaithful, but rather has conceived her child through the Holy Spirit. Joseph is challenged to re-think his plan. Part of what makes Joseph a truly honorable man is his willingness to rethink how an honorable man acts once God enters the picture in an unexpected way. Joseph makes room for God and makes it possible to be a family.

As Advent moves toward Christmas, we are reminded of God’s capacity to surprise us, forcing us in turn to act in surprising ways.

Joseph is a model for all of us! He was receptive and flexible. Sometimes we too are asked to leave our well-thought out plans behind and to be flexible and receptive. Holding on too tightly to what we plan can keep us from being able to receive God’s unpredicatable, wonderful gifts.