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      Recalling the words of our patron St. Francis of Assisi's peace prayer "for it is in giving that we receive,"   there are a
      number of different ways that you can donate to the St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry.

  These are the various MLF teams that need volunteers: clothing sorting, commissary monitoring,
  condiment packing, egg boiling, meal preparation and delivery, and truck maintenance.   For
  additional information or questions, click this VOLUNTEER NOW!   link or contact Julie Mellin
  via email   [ volunteermlf@gmail.com ] .

  Our brothers and sisters look forward to having a boiled egg with their lunches or dinners.   Mark the
  donated uncooked eggs as "RAW" and place them in the refrigerator in Henke Hall.   Every dozen
  donated is ONE LESS dozen that MLF has to buy.   If you are interested in helping the egg boiling teams,
  contact Diane or Dick Gomez via email [ dianefgomez210@gmail.com   OR   dickgomez210@gmail.com ].

  Clothing that is laundered, mended, practical, and useable is always needed.   All sizes and types can be
  donated, including shoes that are in good condition.   New socks are always treasured.   Any toiletries
  are welcome, but toothpaste and toothbrushes are in high demand.   These items can be deposited in the
  MLF collection bin in the church hallway.   For additional information on clothing donations or to assist
  with the sorting job, contact Lynne Cruz via email [ cruzer512@att.net ]
  There are various ways that monetary support can be given to the MLF ministry.

      1)   Cash or check contributions can be placed in the thrice yearly black bag collection taken up
            during weekend masses.

      2)   Check donations can be made anytime using the specially marked "Mobile Loaves & Fishes"
            envelopes found at the MLF display table in the church foyer.   These envelopes should be placed
            in the regular weekend mass collection basket or mailed to the church office.   Donation checks
            should be payable to: "Mobile Loaves & Fishes, St. Francis of Assisi Church."


      3)   A credit card    or bank account withdrawal donation can be arranged through
            the St. Francis of Assisi secure online donation system.   To make a donation to the MLF program,
            you must select the MOBILE LOAVES AND FISHES   entry at the "My Donation" option.


            Click this     link to begin the electronic donation process.


        URL: http://www.sfasat.org/MLF/donate.htm
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