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                                    WELCOME to the St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) ministry!   This web site is designed to help you learn about the
                                    MLF program, and discover why it has become such a vital Christian mission.   With homelessness and hunger posing a major problem
                                    throughout the world and in San Antonio, it is our goal to help alleviate some of that suffering.   This site answers many of the questions
                                    about Mobile Loaves & Fishes and explains how it has worked so successfully at St. Francis of Assisi.   From 2007 to December 2020, MLF
                                    volunteers have served 736,507 meals to 21 San Antonio area locations.   Interested?   Take a few minutes to explore the impact our
                                    program has shown in this Mobile Loaves & Fishes video.   If you desire, you can either   Donate Now!   OR   Volunteer Now!   Who knows?
                                    You may have just discovered your true calling.

                                    For additional information, contact the MLF Core Team via email   [ mlfnow@sfasat.org ] .

For further explanation, click   .

To view the newly revised Meals Serving Schedule, click this Calendar link.

    The   January 2022 issue of MLF News has just been released.   The MLF Core Team send its New Years greetings and shares Pope Francis' December 19th Angelus prayer .  

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