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These are various documents used by volunteers in the SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry.
For additional procedural instructons, check this Procedures link.

    Archdiocese of San Antonio Requirements for Ministry Volunteers   -   Revised July 2021        
    TITLE:         DATE:  
    Adult Safe Environment Training Instructions                     July 27, 2019        
    Archdiocese of San Antonio - Criminal Background Search Authorization & Release Form                     January 2021        
    Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Receipt                     July 27, 2019        
    Code of Conduct for Church Personnel within the Archdiocess of San Antonio                     July 27, 2019        
    Fr. Tony Vilano's Letter to Mobile Loaves & Fishes Volunteers                     July 26, 2019        
    Policy on Sexual Misconduct on the Part of Church Personnel
    of the Archdiocese of San Antonio
    October 2003        

    TITLE:         DATE:  
    How to Access the MLF Tracker                 February 23, 2013        
    MLF Core Team Job Descriptions         Revised December 1, 2017        
    MLF News   ( current issue and back files )                 New issue released
    December 28, 2021        
    MLF News - Special Bulletins                 June 1, 2016
    September 4, 2017
    MLF Quick Facts                 Updated March 2, 2021        
    MLF Sign-up Form                 Revised May 16, 2016        
    MLF Statistics                 Updated March 2, 2021        
    MLF Volunteer Gathering Meeting Notes                 July 23, 2015        
    Meal Preparation & Delivery Team - Immediate Openings                 Revised March 21, 2019        
    Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck Run Log                 Revised February 11, 2017        
    Parent / Guardian Approval for Minor Child to Travel on SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck...                 Revised March 21, 2017        
    Service Locations                 Revised January 30, 2019        

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