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These are links to various procedures used by volunteers in the SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry.
For additional materials related to the MLF program, click this Information link.

    PROCEDURE   TITLE:         DATE:  
    Clothing Program Guidelines                 August 30, 2016        
    Egg Boiling Procedure                 Revised January 4, 2017        
    MLF Bagged Meal Contents Checklist                 Revised January 25, 2016        
    MLF Meal Cancellation Guidelines                 June 1, 2018        
    MLF Meal Serving Policy                 February 19, 2018        
    MLF Truck Emergency Instructions                 March 30, 2018        
    MLF Truck Meal Contents Checklist                 Revised January 25, 2016        
    Meal Preparation Procedures                 June 3, 2021        

        URL: http://www.sfasat.org/MLF/procedur.htm
June 3, 2021
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