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                    MLF   CORE   TEAM   ANNOUNCES   REOPENING   OF   THE   MINISTRY     [ posted July 28, 2021 ]

                      After consultation with the MLF Core Team and our Pastor, Father Tony Vilano, Julie Mellin has slated the week of August 23rd as the restart for our
                      serving calendar.   At that time, the MLF ministry will begin widespread deliveries to our various service locations.   In doing so, we will follow the
                      COVID guidelines provided by the the Archdiocese and the City of San Antonio. We are welcoming any new volunteers who might be interested in
                      joining our mission "to serve our brothers and sisters in need."   For additional information, click this Volunteer Now! link

                    MLF   CORE   TEAM   PUBLISHES   2020   YEAR   ENDING   STATISTICS     [ posted March 4, 2021 ]

                      Amid Bexar County's efforts to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, our MLF ministry has been able to continue providing limited services to our "brothers
                      and sisters in need."   To that end, the 2020 year ending meals served statistics are now available.   From 2007 through December 2020, MLF volunteers
                      served 736,507 meals to 21 San Antonio area locations.   To view the complete statistics history, click this Meals Served link

                    MLF   MINISTRY   RELEASES   REVISED   MEALS   SERVING   SCHEDULE     [ posted November 8,, 2020 ]

                      With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our MLF ministry has been forced to alter our normal meal delivery schedule and limit the overall number
                      of locations we serve. To view the newly revised Meals Serving Schedule, click this Calendar link.

                    MLF   CORE   TEAM   POSTPOSES   MINISTRY   REOPENING       [ posted June 27, 2020 ]

                      Given the recent spike in Bexar County COVID 19 cases and hospitalizations, the MLF Core Tean has decided that it is not prudent to resume
                      our ministry's full service as we had hoped to do on July 6th.   We will keep you informed of the latest developments, and alert you when an exact
                      reopening date is determined.  Your continuing prayers and support for MLF and our brothers and sisters in need are deeply appreciated.

                    MLF   MINISTRY   COVID-19   UPDATE       [ posted April 29, 2020 ]

                      If we are able to begin serving again on June 1st, we will need a bit of time to get our supplies restocked and put in place.   We understand that not
                      everyone will feel comfortable returning to service while others may be ready to go.   With appropriate approvals, near the end of May, the MLF
                      Volunteer Coordinator will ask team captains to contact their members and see who might be able to resume operations.   We will be observing
                      additional sanitizing protocols as well as utilizing face masks along with regular glove and head covering.   These procedures will likely continue
                      indefinitely.   Thank you for your prayers for our ministry and for our brothers and sisters who have suffered greatly at this time.

                    MLF   ACTIVITIES   SUSPENDED       [ posted March 21, 2020 ]

                      Following the coronavirus pandemic guidance of San Antonio city officials and the Archdiocese of San Antonio, all St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves
                      & Fishes activities will be suspended until further notice.   Please pray for everyone affected by this ongoing crisis.

                    TIM   COYLE   ASSUMES   ROLE   OF   COMMISSARY   COORDINATOR           [ posted September 16, 2019 ]

                      In September 2019, Tim Coyle replaced Mike Kurz in the position of MLF Commissary Coordinator.   In addition to coordinating the efforts of the
                      commissary team, Tim will be responsible for placing orders with food vendors and overseeing food service deliveries.   Tim Coyle can be reached
                      via email tgscoyle@gmail.com .

                      The MLF Core Team wishes to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to Mike Kurz for his many years of service in the ministry.   Although his role
                      in the ministry is changing, Mike will continue to work with the MLF commissary, meal preparation, and driver teams.

                    ARCHDIOCESE   OF   SAN   ANTONIO   REVISES   PARISH   VOLUNTEERS   REQUIREMENTS     [ posted July 27, 2019 ]

                      The Archdiocese of San Antonio has recently revised its requirements for volunteers in parish ministries who work or volunteer with children and
                      vulnerable adults.   To further clarify the issue, Fr. Tony has written a letter to all MLF volunteers regarding the new archdiocesan rules.   Parish
                      ministry participants will be required to complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and sign a Code of Counduct Acknowledgement.
                      Additionally, those volunteers who will be working directly with children will need to complete Safe Environment Training through VIRTUS.
                      The VIRTUS training is available online.   The CBC and VIRTUS training needs to be renewed every three years.

                      All forms and instructions are posted on our website Information page at www.sfasat.org/MLF/inform.htm.   If you have any questions please contact
                      Julie Mellin, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteermlf@gmail.com .

                    MLF   MINISTRY   SERVES   500,000th   MEAL         [ posted June 30, 2017 / Updated January 27, 2020 ]

                      Based on our current weekly delivery statistics, we have projected that the MLF ministry will serve its 500,000th meal on Monday, July 17, 2017**.  
                      From its "seed planting" ceremonies in January 2007, the St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves & Fishes program has remained faithful to its mission "to
                      provide food, clothing, and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need."   The combined efforts of SFA parishioners, volunteers from sister churches,
                      corporate, and private donors, area businesses, civic groups, and other supporters have enabled us to deliver daily lunch and supper to some
                      28 locations.   At each meal delivery, our MLF team members demonstrate love and dedication as they reach out to touch the hearts of the people they

                      We thank God for the blessings bestowed on our ministry.   The MLF Core Team wishes to express its appreciation to the numerous MLF volunteers
                      whose tireless efforts continue to make the program such a success!

                      **NOTE:   The 2019 year ending statistics show that we have now served 685,038 meals from 2007 to 2019.

                    TSU   DOCTORAL   STUDENTS   CONDUCT   ANALYSIS   OF   MLF   PROGRAM         [ posted April 29, 2017 ]

                      On April 21st, Rey Lopez, Cindy Pena, and Jessica Quintero, doctoral students at Texas State University completed the final revisions to the
                      appreciative inquiry they conducted on our MLF program.   An appreciative inquiry is an indepth analysis that identifies those key elements of an
                      organization that make it succeed.   Since Ms. Lopez has previously worked as an MLF volunteer, she and the team selected Mobile Loaves & Fishes
                      as the focus for their study.   Hours of interviews with various volunteers, filmwork with prep and delivery teams and reviews of the ministry’s
                      photographic files were condensed into a 5 minute YouTube video entitled “Appreciative Inquiry for Mobile Loaves & Fishes."

                    MLF   MINISTRY   PROFILED   ON   WOAI   NEWS   PROGRAM         [ posted April 18, 2017 ]

                      On April 7th, Ms. Darlene Dorsey, a news reporter for WOAI - News4 San Antonio, updated a 2013 report on the St. Francis of Asssi MLF ministry and
                      recognized our 10th anniversary celebration.   Ms. Dorsey and her photographer filmed an MLF prep team and interviewed Father Vilano about our
                      ministry.   Noting that we deliver to 27 locations and have served over 430,000 meals in our 10 years, she and the news anchors gave MLF much
                      deserved kudos.   To view this News4 San Antonio report, click   Mobile Loaves & Fishes Celebrates 10 Years of Service .

                    MLF   CELEBRATES   ITS   10TH   BIRTHDAY       [ posted April 4, 2017 ]

                      All St. Francis of Assisi parishioners and MLF volunteers, supporters, and donors are cordially invited to help us mark the 10th anniversary of the
                      founding of our ministry on April 8th and 9th.   Over the past ten years, the SFA Mobile Loaves and Fishes program's 460 volunteers have served some
                      476,452 meals to 28 locations in the San Antonio area .  Lunch and supper are delivered daily to homeless, refugee, working poor centers, Catholic
                      parishes, and other social service agencies.   Food, drinks, other refreshments, camaraderie, and information on our ministry will be available after all
                      masses this coming weekend.   Father Tony will conduct a blessing of our ministry and the MLF truck after the 11:15 a.m. mass on Sunday.   Please join
                      us as we gather to thank God for the many blessings He has provided to MLF over the years and re-dedicate ourselves to our mission "to provide food,
                      clothing, and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need."   To view photographs of this event, click this 10th Anniversary Celebration link.

                    MINOR   CHILD   TRAVEL   CONSENT   FORM       [ posted March 31, 2017 ]

                      At its March 2017 meeting, the MLF Core Team decided to require a signed parental consent form for all minor children (under 14 years of age) to travel
                      on the MLF truck on meal deliveries.   The Parent / Guardian Approval for Minor Child to Travel on SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck and Emergency
                      Medical Contact Number   form will require both a parental / guardian signature and emergency phone number BEFORE a child will be permitted to
                      travel on the MLF truck.   In addition, the child will be required to have access to a functional cell phone during the meal delivery and the cell phone
                      must NOT be on mute.   To view the document, click Minor Child Travel Consent form.

                      If you need clarification, please email   mlfnow@sfasat.org .

                    MLF   VOLUNTEERS   COMPLY   WITH   ARCHDIOCESE   REQUIREMENTS       [ posted March 1, 2017 ]

                      Recently, the MLF Core team learned of some requirements by the Archdiocese of San Antonio for volunteers in parish ministries.   Participants will be
                      required to complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and acknowledge receipt of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.   Additionally, those volunteers
                      who will be working directly with children will need to complete Safe Environment Training through VIRTUS. The VIRTUS training is available online
                      and we will also offer a session at the parish for those who want to attend in person. The CBC and VIRTUS training needs to be renewed every three
                      years.   The Policy on Sexual Misconduct on the Part of Church Personnel of the Archdiocese of San Antonio has to be read and signed only one time.  

                      Our Day Volunteer Coordinators will be visiting teams in the kitchen to hand out forms and get the process started.   Please look for a flyer with
                      additional information the next time you visit the MLF kitchen.   All forms and instructions will be posted on our website Information page at

                      If you have any questions please contact Julie Mellin, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteermlf@gmail.com or call 210-416-4536

                    MLF   LAUNCHES   ITS   OWN   FACEBOOK   PAGE       [ posted January 28, 2017 ]

                      Cedar Joiner, the new MLF Core Team Director, has announced the creation of a Facebook page for the exclusive use of our ministry.   Designed as
                      another tool for the exchange of information, this page will allow MLF volunteeers to post current news, updates, and photos.   This resource provides
                      an easy-to-use venue for sharing the importance of our ministry .   Current Facebook members can join the MLF group and begin to post information.

                      Those who do not have a Facebook account can simply click this     link to set-up a free account.

                    MLF   CORE   TEAM   UNDERGOES   REORGANIZATION           [ reposted January 17, 2017 / Updated March 21, 2019 ]

            These volunteers have agreed to take on additional responsibilities within the MLF program:

  Lynne Cruz
  Gerry & Kathy Caron  
  Clothing Team Coordinator     organizes clothing volunteers (especially when large donations accumulate.  
  Helen Rendon     Condiment Team Coordinator     orders supplies and organizes volunteers who assemble condiment packages
  for MLF meals.
  Diane & Dick Gomez     Egg Boiling Coordinators     organizes, trains, and schedules members of the Egg Boiling Team.
  VACANT*     Site Coordinator     serves as a liaison between the sites we currently serve and the teams serving
  at those locations.   This person also finds and evaluates new service locations.
  Julie Mellin     Volunteer Coordinator     handles placing new volunteers on teams, tracking statistics, preparing reports, etc.  
  Diane Niemiec, David Brown
  Glenda Bibb, Peggy Carney,
  Rick Reed, Julie Mellin  
  Day Volunteer Coordinators     coordinates activities of various meal prep and delivery teams assigned to specific
  days of the week.
  VACANT*     Financial Advisor     identifies, contacts, and completes applications for potential sources for grant
  funding of MLF activities.
  Glenn Darilek     MLF Facilities Coordinator     functions as contact for repairs, problems, or other maintenance issues in the
  kitchen and clothing sorting / supply areas.
  David Aguilar     Truck Maintenance     schedules routine maintenance, washing, licensing, etc. of MLF truck.  
  *   If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please contact the Core Team via email   mlfnow@sfasat.org .

                  Tom Bibb ( Treasurer ), John Deosdade ( Webmaster ), and Mike Kurz   ( Commissary Management ) are continuing to serve the MLF program in
                  their respective positions.   For email addresses and phone numbers of any of the above individuals, click this   CONTACTS   link.

                    A   MESSAGE   FROM   THE   CORE   TEAM   -   WE   ARE   COMING   HOME       [ posted September 30, 2016 ]

                      As you all know, we have been working on the organizational transition of changing our parent sponsor from MLF Austin.   After investigating various
                      alternatives, we are pleased to announce that we have found a new parent, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church!

                      You heard that right… We are going to become a ministry under the umbrella of our existing parish.   We have always been home here, and now, it is
                      official.   We are pursuing the licensing of the name, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, from MLF Austin.   As a result, we are not planning a name change at this
                      time.   So, business will be as usual as we continue our mission of helping our brothers and sisters in need.   As always, we appreciate your continued
                      support.   God bless!

                    A  MESSAGE   FROM   THE   CORE   TEAM   -   OUR   MISSION   CONTINUES        [ posted August 15, 2016 ]

                      Recently concerns have been expressed about the fate of the MLF ministry and where monies collected would be spent. The Core Team can assure
                      you that the MLF program will continue at St. Francis of Assisi as it has since 2007.   We may alter our name and redesign our logo, but our mission
                      "to provide food, clothing, and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need" will remain the same.   In fact, we have already given a deposit to MLF
                      Austin to secure the purchase of our food truck.

                      We will continue to use the funds, food supplies, donated clothing, etc. to provide meals and comfort to our various San Antonio area locations.   We
                      still need your prayers, time, and monetary support to put into practice the words of our patron St. Francis of Assisi's peace prayer "for it is in giving
                      that we receive."

                      If you can help our ministry in any way or if you have questions, please contact us via email at mlfnow@sfasat.org.   Thank you for your kind words
                      and prayers as we continue the work of transforming the leadership of our MLF Core Team and reaffirming our vital mission.

                    MLF   NEWS   SPECIAL   BULLETIN   PROVIDES   VITAL   INFORMATION       [ posted June 1, 2016 ]

                      The future of our MLF ministry is discussed in the MLF News - Special Bulletin.   Click Special Bulletin for this breaking
                      news alert.   Comments or suggestions can be sent to the MLF Core Team via email   mlfnow@sfasat.org.

                    MLF   RELEASES   INAUGURAL   ISSUE   OF   NEWSLETTER      [ posted February 4, 2016   /   updated March 1, 2016 ]

                      Julie Mellin has announced the publication of the initial issue of a long-requested MLF newsletter, MLF News.   Edited by John Deosdade, the monthly
                      document will help to publicize the latest developments, announcements, and news concerning our ministry.   Team profiles, news items, photographs,
                      comments, suggestions, etc. can be sent directly to John via email at [ deosdade@gmail.com ] .   Any interested MLF volunteers are encouraged to
                      contribute items to the newsletter.   To read the latest issue of MLF News or to view the back files, click this newsletters link.

                    MIKE   KURZ   RECOGNIZED   AS   2015   VOLUNTEER   OF   THE   YEAR       [ posted October 21, 2015 ]

                      Mike Kurz was recently honored at the Catholic Charities Volunteer dinner as one of 8 Volunteers of the Year!   He was recognized
                      for his work at the Guadalupe Community Center and was credited with connecting the GCC to the St. Francis MLF ministry for
                      inclusion in its sandwich meal program.   These meal deliveries serve the needs of the working poor families and the homeless
                      in the area around Sidney Lanier High School.   In addition, Mike assists with coordinating a San Antonio Food Bank sponsored effort,
                      Project Hope.   Project Hope provides a monthly delivery of 50 - 70 pounts of fresh vegetables and other food items to low income
                      senior citizens.   Some 100 Guadalupe Community Center seniors participate in this program.

                      The MLF Board sends its sincere congratulations to Mike on this well-deserved recognition.

                    MLF   CORE   TEAM   HOSTS   ORGANIZATIONAL   MEETING       [ posted September 18, 2015 ]

                      The MLF Core Team will hold an organization meeting on Saturday, September 26th from 9 – 11 am in Henke Hall.   The purpose is to fill current Core
                      Team vacancies by matching new and current volunteers with various open positions. These include: coordinators for volunteers, clothing
                      donations, commissary staff, public relations, kitchen facility manager, special collections, special teams, and condiment crews.   With our continuing
                      growth and ever-expanding mission, our MLF ministry needs more core team volunteers!   Join us and discover your true response to Pope Francis'
                                          “...To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person
                                      the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely. And you are, dear brothers and sisters, the face of Jesus.”
                                      ( Pope Francis' comments during his visit to the Dono Di Maria homeless shelter on May 21, 2013. )

                      Core team vacancies and job descriptions can be found at MLF Core Team Job Descriptions .

                    MLF   WEBSITE   NOW   INCLUDES   SERVICE   TEAM   PHOTOS       [ posted September 9, 2015 ]

                      The MLF website has begun adding photos of the various meal preparation and delivery teams to its Photo Gallery.   Through the efforts of Butch
                      Rendon, Ralph Mendez, and others, photographs of team members and "the brothers and sisters we serve" at the different locations can be easily
                      viewed.   Any additional team pictures or photos of MLF activities can be emailed to the MLF webmaster, John Deosdade, at deosdade@gmail.com.

                      The meal prep and delivery team photos can be found at Service Team Photos .

                    MLF   CONDUCTS   GENERAL   VOLUNTEER   MEETING         [ posted August 3, 2015 ]

                      On July 23rd, the MLF Board conducted an open meeting for all MLF volunteers.   Focusing on general procedures, updating news, and identifying
                      needs, the session provided members with an open forum to exchange ideas / concerns about the ministry.   The MLF Board thanks all the attendees
                      for their participation and reminds volunteers that suggestions are always welcomed.   Feel free to contact any board member on the Contacts page.
                      For a complete summary of the meeting, click MLF Volunteer Gathering Meeting Notes .

                    MIKE   KURZ   FILLS   ROLE   OF   COMMISSARY   COORDINATOR           [ posted August 28, 2014 ]

                      In August 2014, Mike Kurz replaced Butch Rendon as MLF Commissary Coordinator.   The MLF Core Team wishes to express its sincere gratitude
                      and appreciation to Butch for his many years of service in the ministry.   Although he is taking a lesser role, Butch will continue to work with our MLF
                      program.   In addition to coordinating the efforts of the commissary team, Mike will be responsible for placing orders with food vendors and
                      overseeing food service deliveries.   Mike Kurz can be reached via email mekurz4@gmail.com .

                    MLF   MINISTRY   ACHIEVES   LANDMARK   300,000TH   MEAL         [ posted June 3, 2014 ]

                  Citing the January 2007 start date of the St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves & Fishes progam, Julie Mellin, Core Team Director, has announced
                  that our ministry has hit an important milestone of serving 300,000 meals to date.   In Julie's words, "What a great accomplishment to serve so many
                  people in need. "   This achievement is a direct result of the tireless efforts of the various volunteers, the monetary support of the parish community,
                  the funding by local companies and foundations, the bread donations from area bakeries, and the growing involvement of other area businesses,
                  churches, and civic groups.   As we continue our mission "to provide food, clothing, and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need," let us thank God
                  for the many blessings He has bestowed on us.   To mark this unique occasion, Alan Graham, founder of the Mobile Loaves & Fishes movement, has
                  sent us a special "Alangram" message available at:   Alangram - St. Francis of Assisi .

                  UPDATE:   As of December 2019, the updated meal totals have reached 685,038.

                    MLF   'STATE   OF  THE   UNION"   MEETING   SUMMARY           [ posted March 16, 2014 / revised July 31, 2014 ]

                      On Saturday, March 15th., the St. Francis of Assisi MLF ministry held a "State of the Union" meeting in Henke Hall.   After the opening prayer,
                      Julie Mellin introduced the 2012 Matthew West song "Do Something."   The lyrics fit perfectly with our MLF mission "to provide food, clothing,
                      and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need."   To view a video of the song, click "Do Something."

                      Noting that the Mobile Loaves & Fishes program was among the most highly ranked activities in the recent parish survey, Julie presented the following
                      program highlights for 2013:

                            servicing 23 locations in all sectors of San Antonio.
                            providing over 277,000 meals from 2007 - 2013. The ministry is projected to surpass the 300,000th meal served mark during the summer of 2014.
                            joining the San Antonio Food Bank has resulted in significant savings to the MLF budget.   For example, a bag of chips that previously cost
                                    30 can now be purchased for 16 from the SAFB.   [ See news item below dated March 25, 2013. ]
                            receiving weekly bread donations from the Flowers Foods bakeries.
                            continuing pastry donations from Starbucks and Sol Y Luna.   In addition, C'est La Vie Baking Company has now joined our group of
                                    participating pastry providers.
                            scheduling meal teams from out of the parish groups ( i.e. Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Newcomers of San Antonio, NuStar Energy, and
                                    San Pedro Presbyterian Church ) to assist in the ministry.
                            continuing financial support from various local churches, companies, and foundations.
                            rolling out of a newly revamped Mobile Loaves & Fishes website.
                            bolstering the overall meal counts through the servicing of St. Timothy's Catholic Church.   In some cases, a second service location has been
                                    added to meal runs ( when the second location is near the original service stop ) .
                            participating in joint projects with the local Catholic Charities agency.

                      After seven years of providing assistance to those in need, Julie stated that the MLF Core Team seeks additional help to continue growing our ministry.
                      She provided brief explanations of the following important functions:

                      1)   Volunteer coordinators: 2 or 3 people to handle placing new volunteers on teams, tracking statistics, preparing reports.   Each coordinator
                      would be responsible for a weeks worth of teams.   Time commitment: 4-6 hours per month

                      2)   Truck maintenance: A main contact person would monitor routine maintenance and troubleshoot issues that arise with the truck. Time
                      commitment: 1-2 hours per month or less depending on issues that arise.   [ See posting below ]

                      3)   Clothing team coordinator: An individual would organize clothing volunteers (especially when large donations accumulate).   Time
                      commitment: 2-4 hours per month

                      4)   Special teams: A volunteer would offer guided tours of our kitchen facility to outside groups, and organize occasional events with outside groups.
                      Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month or less depending on requests

                      5)   Site Coordinator: A person would serve as a liaison between the sites we currently serve and the teams serving at those locations.   The volunteer
                      would also scout out and evaluate new locations to serve.   Time commitment: 2-4 hours per month or less depending on issues that arise

                      6)   Festival coordinator: A person would handle Festival responsibilities for MLF.   Time commitment: 1 meeting monthly leading up to festival and
                      8 -10 hours in September/October to organize volunteers.

                      7)   Special Collections coordinator: An individual would coordinate our 2nd collection efforts 3 times per year.  The person would recruit MLF
                      members to visit with potential volunteers after masses and assist Core team to facilitate a successful collection weekend.

                      8)   Commissary coordinator: A person would be a "supervisor" for the commissary team to coordinate the efforts of the 4 assistants already in place.
                      Time commitment: 4-6 hours per month and a 2 week rotation in commissary every 2 months

                      9)   MLF Facilities coordinator: A person would serve as the primary contact for repairs, problems, or other maintenance issues in the kitchen and
                      clothing sorting areas.Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month depending on issues that arise

                      10)   Core Team secretary: A person would record and distrbute meeting minutes; develop meeting agendas;and handle MLF coorespendence and
                      acknowlegement letters. Time commitment: 2-4 hours per month or less depending on requests

                      Julie added that some of the positions already have volunteers in place and need someone to coordinate their efforts.   Many of the attendees indicated
                      interest in volunteering for these positions.   For additonal information, please contact the Core Team via email [ mlfnow@sfasat.org ]

                      We should remember the words from St. Francis of Assisi's peace prayer   "for it is in giving that we receive."

                    JULIE   MELLIN   NAMED   2014   LUMEN   GENTIUM   RECIPIENT           [ posted February 8, 2014 ]

                      On Monday, February 3rd, the Archdiocese of San Antonio presented Julie Mellin, the MLF Volunteer Coordinator, with the Lumen
                      Gentium award.   As noted on the Archdiocesan website, this award (translated from Latin as "Light of All Nations") is bestowed upon
                      an individual Catholic layperson from each parish who has demonstrated participation in the Catholic Church’s mission to bring
                      Christ’s light to all.   The recipient also manifests an understanding of the teachings of the Church and has been graced with a life formed in the
                      Catholic Spiritual Tradition.

                      The official Archdiocese announcement simply states: "Julie is a 'light of the world' specialist.   She is a volunteer coordinator for Mobile Loaves &
                      Fishes and Habitat for Humanity.   She is an exemplary communicator and models preaching of the Gospel in actions.   Julie is also active as a Life
                      Teen mom.   Most of all she 'invites' others to participate all the time."

                      The MLF Board offers its sincere congratulations to Julie on this well-deserved honor.

                    EGG DONATIONS   ARE   NEEDED           [ posted July 23, 2013 / updated December 31, 2016 ]

                      Mobile Loaves & Fishes would like to remind SFA parishioners that eggs are needed to complete the meal packages that are prepared for distribution.  
                      With the holiday season and family trips ongoing, the egg donations have dropped and the ministry has had to purchase eggs to supplement
                      its supply.   Remember that our brothers and sisters look forward to having a boiled egg with their lunches or dinners.   Mark the uncooked eggs as
                      "RAW" and simply place them in the refrigerator in Henke Hall.   Every dozen donated is ONE LESS that MLF has to buy.   We appreciate your
                      continued support.

                      If you are interested in helping the various egg boiling teams or have questions about egg donations, please contact Diane or Dick Gomez via email at
                      dianefgomez210@gmail.com.   OR   dickgomez210@gmail.com

                    MLF   WEBSITE   UNDERGOES   MAJOR   REVISONS         [ posted October 20, 2013 / updated July 6, 2014 ]

                      The St. Francis of Asssi MLF website has added some new features that will enable volunteers to more effectively use the various web-based
                      informaton sources.   Here is a summary of the major revisions:  

                      1)   A   Substitute Lists  page has been developed that would allow team captains to find temporary team members for each meal shift.   To access the
                            MLF substitutes listings a username and password are required.   If you need this information, contact Julie Mellin via email [ mlfnow@sfasat.org ]
                            or phone [ 210-416-4536 ].  

                      2)   The   Donate Now!   resource lists all the different ways one can contribute to the MLF program and includes basic information on the newly created
                            St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church electronic donation system.

                      3)   A   Procedures   listing has been created to publicize the various MLF procedures that are currently in place and post MLF volunteer meeting notes.

                      4)   In addition, a Publicity   page (noting the various articles and news stories on the work of our MLF ministry) was previously added to the MLF

                      For questions, comments, or suggestions on this MLF website, contact John Deosdade via email:   deosdade@gmail.com.

                    MLF   MINISTRY   FEATURED   ON   LOCAL   NEWS   PROGRAM         [ posted August 9, 2013 ]

                      Ms. Darlene Dorsey, a news reporter for WOAI - News4 San Antonio, filed a report on the St. Francis of Asssi MLF ministry that aired on August 8th.
                      As Julie Mellin described the program, Dorsey and her photographer filmed an MLF team as it prepared for a lunch run.   The News4 San Antonio crew
                      then followed the MLF truck to its scheduled stop at the Christian Assistance Ministry and interviewed several individuals who received food and other
                      items .   To view the News4SanAntonio report in its entirety, click Mobile Loaves & Fishes - Feeding People in Need .

                    VOLUNTEERS   NEEDED   FOR   FOOD   BANK   SUPPLIES   TRANSPORT         [ posted June 10, 2013 / updated July 6, 2014 ]

                      The St. Francis of Assisi MLF program still needs volunteers to assist in picking up its orders from the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB).   These
                      individuals should be available on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 12 noon.   SAFB pickup would be arranged on a rotation schedule requiring trips
                      to the Food Bank only once every 2-3 months.   Transport volunteers need any type of pickup truck that can carry approximately 20-25 cubic foot

                      Most food boxes contain chips and are light-weight.   Once the food is packed on the vehicle, it will need to be transported and unloaded at the MLF
                      kitchen.   The time commitment is about 2 hours from start to finish.   Complete training will be provided to volunteers, and they will be accompanied to
                      the Food Bank on their first several trips.   The San Antonio Food Bank is located at 5200 Old Highway 90 West, San Antonio, Texas 78227.  For driving
                      directions, click this SAFB map link.

                      If you are nterested or need additional information, please contact the Core Team via email [ volunteermlf@gmail.com ].

                    TOM   BIBB   ASSUMES   MLF   TREASURER   POSITION         [ posted June 10, 2013 ]

                      Effective Monday, June 10th, Tom Bibb has replaced Terri Deosdade as MLF treasurer.   The MLF Board expresses its heartfelt thanks to Terri for all her
                      dedication and hard work over the years.   Tom brings new experience and a different outlook to the job.   The MLF Board welcomes him to the core
                      team group and appreciates his willingness to assume this vital role.   Invoices or requests for payment can either be submitted directly to Tom
                      ( in electronic format ) via email [ tfbibb@satx.rr.com ] or dropped off at the Church office.

                  MLF   CELEBRATES   6TH   YEAR   ANNIVERSARY         [ posted May 26, 2013 / updated July 23, 2013 ]

                      On Friday, May 24, 2013, the SFA Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry marked its 6th year in operation with a potluck dinner in the San
                      Damiano building.   With some 50 volunteers in attendance, the event included a talk by Alan Graham, one of the founders of the
                      national MLF program.   Alan provided a a brief historical sketch of the origins of the movement and outlined its plans for the future.
                      Julie Mellin included an overview of the current the MLF program at St. Francis, highlighting the recent newly added meal runs and the benefits of
                      joining the San Antonio Food Bank.   The evening enabled MLF volunteers to enjoy a good meal and each other's company.   For photographs of
                      the dinner, click this Photo Gallery.

                      To view the recent Today's Catholic article on the MLF 6th anniversary dinner and program, click this     link.

                    MLF   JOINS   THE   SAN   ANTONIO   FOOD   BANK      [ posted March 25, 2013 ]

                      The St. Francis of Assisi MLF program has been approved to purchase commissary items from the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB).   After providing
                      inspection reports, obtaining permits and attending training, the St. Francis MLF account was officially opened.   Most items from the SAFB are priced
                      by the pound and the "shared maintenance" fee is set at 15 per pound.   This is the cost calculated to cover the administration of the
                      SAFB as a non-profit organization.

                      These low prices result in an approximate 80% cost savings over purchasing from the food wholesaler.   MLF is able to purchase peanut butter, jelly,
                      chips, and cookies at these low prices.   For example, last week a box of 36 packs of Cheez-It crackers was purchased for 45.   Many produce
                      items and some drinks are FREE.   The fresh items go stale quickly and need to be handed out immediately as they are close to ripe or over-ripe.  
                      Since these "no cost" bargains are subject to limited availability, we will take advantage of this chance whenever possible.

                      Because of the variation in the products' availability, MLF volunteers might have a different selection of items on the shelves.   For example, you may
                      see crackers, granola bars, or pretzels, etc. instead of potato chips.   We will attempt to place all items in the same places ( i.e. snacks where you
                      usually find chips), peanut butter in its usual spot.   We ask that you still pack only one item even if there appears to be a surplus.   Occasionally we will
                      get a freebie or great deal and have some "extras" for meals.   Last week, we picked up some short dated yogurts to supplement our meals.   We also
                      got several boxes of granola bars and animal crackers.   These will be sent out as extra goodies.   Many of these things can be purchased for about
                      1 a piece, and we cannot pass up those reduced prices!

                      We appreciate your patience as we work out the details of this new cost-saving adventure.

                    MEAL   TEAMS   NEED   ADDITIONAL   VOLUNTEERS         [ posted February 10, 2013 / updated January 25, 2020 ]

  2nd Monday - supper preparation & delivery
  4th Monday - lunch preparation & delivery
  1st Tuesday - lunch preparation
  2nd Tuesday - lunch preparation
  3rd Tuesday - lunch preparation & delivery
  ALL Wednesdays - ID Recovery (8:30 am - 10:30 am)  
  1st Friday - supper preparation & delivery  
  2nd Friday - supper preparation & delivery  
  4th Friday - lunch preparation & delivery  
  4th Friday - supper preparation & delivery  
  3rd Saturday - supper preparation & delivery  
  ALL Sundays - lunch preparation  
  1st Sunday - lunch delivery  
    EGG BOILING TEAM   -   Flexible scheduling available    

For a printer- friendly copy of this openings list, click Team Openings.    

For detailed meal preparation instructions, click this procedures link.    

                      If you can help fill any of these openings, please send an email to: volunteermlf@gmail.com.   Click this Volunteer Now! link for additional information.

                    ST.   FRANCIS   MLF   PROGRAM   RELEASES   NEW   WEBSITE         [ posted February 4, 2013 ]

                      The St. Francis of Assisi Mobile Loaves & Fishes program has launched a newly compiled website at   www.sfasat.org/MLF   ( NOTE: the MLF can be
                      entered either in capital or lowercase letters ).   Linked off the main St. Francis parish website, it contains information on the program, details how
                      to become involved in the ministry, and provides guidance for MLF volunteers.   In addition, the website has a brief history of the St. Francis MLF,
                      contact persons, service locations, statistics, a donor listing, and much more.   The site is best viewed with the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web
                      browsers ( using a screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels).   Be sure to check this   What's New?   page often for the latest MLF updates.   Comments
                      or suggestions on the MLF site may be emailed to John Deosdade, the MLF webmaster, at:   deosdade@gmail.com.

        URL: http://www.sfasat.org/MLFwhatsnew.htm
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