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9 Jul

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Walking Sticks in Our Lives

Jesus instructed the Twelve to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick. For now, let’s just stay with that image of a walking stick. That “assistive device” is never on my list of travel items to pack. Yet it is the only thing that Jesus instructed his followers to take with them. What did Jesus mean by that? No food, clothing, credit card, reservations for a place to stay, transportation?

Every time we participate at Mass, the last words of the liturgy are a message of sending forth. “Go and preach the Gospel.” “Go forth and serve the Lord and each other.” “Go and BE the Good News to others.” We pick up that stick and begin walking where Jesus walked. All that we need is Jesus—the Jesus we just encountered in the Mass and in each other. Yes, Jesus is our walking stick, and we are walking sticks for each other.

As I reflected on the image I chose for “the walking stick,” I began to wonder. I see walking sticks in both person’s hands. Who is leading and who is following? Is the child merely imitating the adult? As the child looks at the adult, is the child urging the adult on? Is the adult taking the child along for the journey?

Walking sticks are important in hiking, especially for maintaining balance on rocky or uneven terrain. Where is the balance that we need in our faith journeys? What terrain that we are encountering requires assistive devices? In addition to Jesus, who are the persons in our lives who serve as “walking sticks” for us? Walking sticks, companions on the journey, and sensible shoes! See the reflection from Diana Macalintal here.