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23 Apr

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Staying Together

One of my favorite authors is Meg Wheatley. Her 2002 publication, Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future, is a book that almost 20 years later is offering inspiration to me today. The quote from that book that has been on my mind throughout this pandemic, this time of distancing and separation—some chosen to be healthy and safe, and some that has been caused by a difficult national election, a difference in political views, some differences about religion, and a lot of Facebook or other social media postings that draw the line between “us” and “them.” I assume that none of us “likes” what we are experiencing. When families are divided by beliefs, it becomes particularly distressing.

Meg Wheatley writes: “You don’t fear people whose story you know. Real listening always brings people closer together. Trust that meaningful conversations can change your world. Rely on human goodness. Stay together.”

In the Gospel for this weekend, we are reminded about what a Good Shepherd does to keep his herd together. In the midst of all the distancing and division, the longing and yearning that we have had for connection, to be together, we need time to have some simple conversations. We need each other. We need to turn to one another. I assume that we want to “stay together” as one flock.

I invite us all to reflect on each of the words in Wheatley’s quote. In many ways, I personally can hear Jesus’ words and actions in that quote. It describes the world described in Acts of the Apostles. It describes our world, our city, our community.

We have several opportunities to enter into simple conversations that identify and name what we are individually and collectively willing to do to “stay together.” Join us for our Parish ReConnect experiences on Sunday from 12-1 in person for the first gathering.  Other times are listed at http://sfasat.org/parishreconnect/. Please come!