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31 MAR

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

The Journey To The Cross

The Hosanna’s that greet Jesus in his procession through Jerusalem are celebrations of all the wondrous deeds, the merciful and compassionate acts of Jesus throughout his ministry.  Jesus acted in response to the other “hosannas” that asked “Please, Lord, please save us!  Please Lord, give us success!” Jesus heard their cries and laments.  Jesus healed and restored dignity to those who were kept away, shunned, discounted, excluded, mocked and bullied.

Is it no wonder then that those who were marginalized, but seen and healed by Jesus, are exactly the ones who accompany Jesus on his journey to the cross, on his way to his death? These companions included the women, and Simon, and the good thief.  What does this tell you about Jesus?  Those who needed him most, those who did not have daily or weekly access, were the ones who stayed and ministered to him.  They did not run, fall asleep or cower in fear!  They stayed!

The women who weep, the women who stand at the foot of the cross, who provide the burial anointing and who experience Jesus’ first appearance after his resurrection are all  staying companions on the journey.

This week, spend some time thinking about people who are experiencing their own crosses,  the suffering of the most desperate kind—torture, helplessness, rape, mutilation, domestic violence, gun violence, death and destruction all around them. What are the Ukrainians saying to us as they confront injustice?  What are parents of children who died in mass shootings saying to us?  What injustice do we feel strongly about?  What are we willing to do to make it right?  Jesus went to the cross because he challenged the status quo.  Isaiah says “Morning after morning, he opens my ear that I may hear.”  What cries are we hearing? The cries of Ukraine? Of starving people?  Of our planet in crisis?  Of racial injustice?


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