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18 May

Pentecost Sunday

The Pentecost Event

Wind and Fire—not the name of a musical group, but the elements that most often describe the Pentecost event, the birthday of the Church. Listen to the ways these words are used in the Mass this weekend!

The power of the Holy Spirit created unity out of the chaos that followed Jesus’ Ascension. The Holy Spirit brought miraculous unity to people very divided, and filled with fear. We need the Holy Spirit in our world today. We need the Holy Spirit in our marriages, in our families, in our Church as well as in our personal lives.

We too are divided and filled with fear. Think about how much we hear about divisions and fear.

What would happen if instead of division and fear, we focused on unity and hope, on community and love? Jesus came to bring peace. After all, Jesus told us to not be afraid countless times in the Scriptures.

Will we invite the Holy Spirit to work in us as individuals, as families, and as communities to renew us, refresh our souls, dispel the fear and create in us hearts that are filled with zeal for living the Gospel?

Perhaps we can embrace the reminders that the Church gives us in the celebration this weekend. Wear red. Find ways to enjoy the playfulness of wind and air. Blowing bubbles, flying a kite, playing with pinwheels aren’t activities reserved for children, although their delight increases ours! Breathe intentionally with a focus on breathing in God’s goodness and breathing out all that separates us from that goodness. Eat red foods, drink red wine! Learn to say Peace and or Love in multiple languages. Speak love languages to replace criticism, gossip, and complaining. The words we use create our reality. What kind of reality are we seeking?

And so we pray from the prayer for the V Encuentro: “May the fire of your Word rekindle our hearts and prepare us to become missionary disciples ready to share the joy of the Gospel to present and future generations of every race, culture, and language.”

Fill our hearts and minds, Holy Spirit! Dwell in us all. Move us to action that creates unity out of chaos.