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14 Jan

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

They Have No Wine

At the wedding feast at Cana, Mary, the mother of Jesus, observes that the hosts have run out of wine. She tells Jesus who rebuts her request with “what concern is it to you or me.” Mary doesn’t back off, retreat, or let it slide. She trusts that Jesus will solve the problem and tells the servants to “do whatever he tells you.” And we know the rest of the story—water becomes wine and there is enough for everyone. And it is the BEST!

On Tuesday, I spent the greater part of the day on Zoom listening to briefings on food insecurity, homelessness, “houselessness,” public safety, domestic violence, and other realities in our city and county. Each topic was addressed by both a civic leader and a faith leader.  All were addressed with emphasis on what it means that San Antonio is a Compassionate City. The event was sponsored by The Intersection, an interfaith, city-funded collective of groups, led by Ann Helmke, that provide resources to assist vulnerable populations. As I reflect on what I learned, I realize that each briefing I heard included a plea similar to Mary’s—they have no ________! They have no home, they have no respect, they have no safety, they have no food, they have no job, they have no healthcare, etc.!

Anne Osdieck uses this quote from Pope Francis to reflect further on what Mary teaches us at the wedding at Cana:

Like Mary at Cana, let us make an effort to be more attentive in our squares and towns, to notice those whose lives have been “watered down,” who have lost—or have been robbed of—reasons for celebrating; those whose hearts are saddened. And let us not be afraid to raise our voices and say: “they have no wine.”

The cry of the people of God, the cry of the poor, is a kind of prayer; it opens our hearts and teaches us to be attentive. Let us be attentive, then, to all situations of injustice and to new forms of exploitation that risk making so many of our brothers and sisters miss the joy of the party. Let us be attentive to the lack of steady employment, which destroys lives and homes. … Let us be attentive to the lack of shelter, land and employment experienced by so many families.  And, like Mary, let us say: they have no wine, Lord.

Journey of Pope Francis to Chile
Jan. 18, 2018

In the second reading, Paul speaks of “gifts,” “forms of service,” or “workings.” What do you think he means? What is the purpose of these gifts, and how will you discover and use the gifs you have been given?

Our journey to live The Way continues! Thank you, Mary, for teaching us to trust that our raised voices can result in action.