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10 Feb

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus Asks for More

Our readings for this weekend present us with numerous choices. Jesus uses the phrasing, “You have heard that it was said….But I say to you” to teach his listeners about the underlying authority of his words. Those who hear his Word are challenged to live fully by living in the deep spirit of the Law, not merely according to its literal meaning. For example, the commandment “Do not kill” means much more than physical killing. Jesus asks for more.  Do not let anger, jealousy, retribution or anything that leads to killing in your hearts be a part of your life. Make amends. Reconcile with others. “Do not commit adultery” also asks us to be faithful in our hearts, to try to work things out, not give up, respect self and others and not objectify anyone. This mandate provides a critical insight into his entire mission. Jesus asks more of us.

The choices between life and death, good and evil, right and wrong and giving good examples or leading others astray might seem easy to us. But most of us know through lived experience that life gets messy and complicated. The wise person chooses the positive option, but we are always free to choose either. This is where we need wisdom. This is where we ask Jesus to help us turn all of our law-keeping into love and to co-create with God a world where justice, love and compassion are our choices. What life choices remind you of the challenge of being a disciple?