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The Adopt – A – Garden Program

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Maintaining our property is essential to providing our parishioners with a beautiful place to pray and walk during times of community events, days of retreat, etc. Our faith community needs your help in maintaining several areas around the parish facilities in order to care for our investment in the xeriscape landscaping that was so well designed by our fellow parishioners.

How Do Parishioners Benefit?

You will benefit through an increased sense of ownership of St. Francis of Assisi parish and through the satisfaction of volunteering. Materials, including gloves, bark, mulch, leaf compost, and trash bags will be provided by the parish.

Commonly Asked Questions: What Would I Need To Do?

  • Install plantings when needed to replace dead plants according to the approved design
  • Keep the garden weed-free
  • Cut back & mulch the garden in appropriate seasons.
  • Remove litter and debris
  • Water the garden as needed, especially after new plantings, until they establish themselves
  • Report dead, damaged, and diseased plants to the Facilities Manager

Once a month, the group representative fills out a progress form and sends it to Facilities Manager. If you wish to create, develop, expand, or modify a garden, you may submit a plan to the Facilities Manager for review.

How Do I Start?

To begin is easy! Simply fill out the Adopt-a-Garden application. You may complete and submit the application online or you may print it out and return it to Charles Samuel, Facilities Manager, in the office.

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