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14 May

The Ascension of the Lord

Ascensions in Our Lives

Look up! Look out! Receive power! Go out into the world! Preach in Jesus’ name!

These are the messages of the Ascension! They are the messages to us of how we are to ascend out of the depths of whatever binds us in darkness, despair, sadness, and paralysis. They are imperatives guiding us to new life, renewed hope, and joy—to ascension.

Those who were present when Jesus took leave of this earth experienced a leave-taking, a despedida like none other. What gave them hope was the promise of the power of the Holy Spirit. They left Jesus’ presence, profoundly and keenly aware of God’s presence with them, a presence that filled them with joy and with enthusiasm for being witnesses who preach in Jesus’ name.

Sometimes the ascension of Jesus reminds us of our leave-taking, our farewells to loved ones, and the rituals of funerals. Lots of people leave us. Some leave by death; others leave by choice. But God, with mercy and compassion, draws us into something new, something we could never conceive, something we have never done before. As promised at the time of the ascension, Jesus becomes nearer to us now that he is gone. Even when we feel most alone, most deserted, the Holy Spirit’s presence brings hope and promise that emerges from the suffering.

May this be true for us this weekend. We pray that we be mindful of the various experiences of “ascension” in our own lives. We pray in gratitude for God’s guiding presence in our lives and God’s nudges to witness new life, new hope, and boundless joy! We praise God for the promise of boundless love forever!