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21 Jun

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

We Share What We Have

“They all ate and were satisfied.” Isn’t that the wish we have each time we sit down to a meal after much planning, preparation, and inviting? This Sunday’s gospel describes a multitude of people gathered to hear Jesus preach. As usual, Jesus becomes concerned for their hunger. We know the rest of the story. They had only five loaves and two fish, but all were fed. And they were satisfied. Perhaps they hungered for something other than food.

Br. John-Marmion Villa, BSC writes this in a commentary:

How happy Jesus would be if we learned how to recognize him in the breaking of the bread (Lk 24:31), to savor the moment of encounter, to relax in the peace of his presence, to worship the majesty of his humble appearance in the species of bread and wine. If we could make him happy just to recognize him, then I think our lives would also be happier because we would be compelled to give away what we had received. Then, we would have become what we have consumed.

David Kauffman’s lyrics teach us: “See what you are. Become what you eat. We are the Body of Christ.” We are to be the Body of Christ, to be in communion, to be Christ’s presence in all that we do and with all we meet. We give what we have received!

Pope Francis encourages us: “Jesus Christ loves you, he gave his life to save you, and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and feed you” (Evangelii Gaudium, 164).

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