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10 Jun

The Most Holy Trinity

Trinitarian Life Includes Us

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! That’s the prayer many of us learned first, when we learned the “Sign of the Cross.” It’s the beginning of most of our prayers. Recently, I have found myself using expressions like, “In the name of our parish…” “In the name of our pastor and the staff at St. Francis…” “In the name of my family…” I realized today that “In the name of” always expresses a relationship, a kinship, a connectedness that implies a familiarity, a closeness, and definitely a fondness.

The relationship means something. When I think of the Holy Trinity, I think of relatedness. The Father sent the Son who sent the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us that he was sending the Holy Spirit to teach us everything we needed to know and SENT US to continue God’s creation—to build the kingdom of God on earth.

The life of the Trinity is ongoing. It is not self-contained or self-absorbed, but ever flowing outward, touching and embracing all of God’s creation, all of God’s creatures, and all of God’s people! All of life in unity and communion!

And therein is the challenge! How are we living in unity and communion? What words and actions bring about unity and communion?

As we gather this weekend to pray and worship together, how will we give witness to “undivided unity”? How will we go forth to do the same? Will my conversations and my deeds create unity and communion?

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