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27 Sep

To Celebrate a Life of Love: Abraham Moonnanappillil

July 26, 1928-September 24, 2022

With deep sentiments, I announce that my dad, Mr. Abraham Moonnanappillil, age 94, entered his eternal rest on September 24, 2022. He was born on July 26, 1928 in Thidanad, Kottayam (Dt), Kerala, India.

He was preceded by his parents, Chacko (93)& Elyamma Moonnanappillil (91), his wife, Mrs. Thressiamma Moonnanappillil (86), his first daughter, Elsy (9), and his third son, Babychan (4). Abraham is survived by his children Joseph and Padma Moonnanappillil, Mercy and Jojo Enthumplackal, Johnson and Bincy Moonnanappillil, and Fr. Tomichan Moonnanappillil; his grandchildren Reema and Stanly, Kevin, Remi, Delphi, Ritu, Twisha, and Dinu; and his great-grandchild, Allen.

Abraham and his wife were farmers who worked hard to support the family and educate the children with great love, despite losing two children due to serious illness. Abraham was a man of deep faith and lived his life till the last breath with uprightness and sincerity. He was a man of integrity and made every effort to carry out his responsibilities with a deep sense of justice and sincerity. Dad made sure that we all attended the Sunday services and encouraged us to attend the daily Masses as often as possible. As he got older and the farming responsibilities reduced, he attended daily Mass, even though it was over a mile of a walk, and he continued until he fractured his hip at the age of 89 and was wheelchair bound. Once he could not attend the daily Mass, he spent his day reading newspapers, watching Mass, listening to spiritual talks on television, reciting the rosary, and reading the Bible. On my visits during vacation, I saw him waking up early in the morning to pray the rosary. During my last visit in June 2022, his health was declining, and I witnessed him waking up in the middle of the night to pray the rosary. He would say it aloud so that he would not fall asleep while praying.

He served my home parish community as a CCD teacher for several years. He also served as the parish pastoral council member and treasurer. He always insisted on daily family prayer and would never let us have dinner without reciting the rosary and the devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus as a family.

I can attribute my vocation to the priesthood to the faith and prayers of my dad. Of course, stubbornness is our family trait, which we all have inherited paternally. In contrast, I can attribute my caring, empathy, service attitude, compliance, and counseling aptitude to my mom, a maternal inheritance. I can further attribute my attitude toward discipline, cleanliness, and orderliness to my mom and dad as common traits we have inherited.

I am beginning to feel the absence of my parents, and I think I can now relate better to what it means to miss our parents or loved ones. My dad was laid to rest on September 27 at St. Joseph Church cemetery, my home parish, along with my mom who was buried five years ago. My siblings and I are blessed to have Abraham and Thressiamma as our parents. May the good Lord grant them eternal rest.

I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate each of you for your prayers and support during this difficult time. I will celebrate a Memorial Mass for my dad at 10 am on Friday, September 30 here at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. I invite you all to attend.


Fr. Tomichan Moonnanappillil, MSFS (Fr. Tom)

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