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16 Sep

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Talk About Money

Would you be surprised to learn that 1/3 of Jesus’ parables talk about money? Jesus and Joseph probably had a small business in carpentry, earned an honest living, and used the money to feed the family. Jesus did not hate money or moneyed people, but he did challenge his followers to keep money in its proper place. God is God and money is money.

Where does our allegiance lie? What tempts us most to trust in possessions for security rather than putting our faith in God’s providence?

In a webinar that I attended this week, on assessing the readiness of catechumens to receive sacraments, the presenter kept using this discernment question. Am I being led toward God or away from God? Is what I am doing leading me toward God or away from God?

The reading from Amos calls us to continue to look at our business dealings and all of our dealings with people. Are we honest in these relationships? Are we using our gifts to call forth the best in each situation?

The Gospel calls us to use our gifts of intelligence and perception. It is our privilege and duty to exercise these gifts by keeping ourselves well informed in matters of the world and of faith. We are promised that we shall be welcomed into God’s kingdom if we use our gifts to build friendship and give life to our world.

How is my use of the gift of money building friendship and giving life? Is it leading me toward God or away from God?