Our Ministries


Mission Statement

The members of the ACTS community of St. Francis of Assisi will strive to assist members of the parish family to attain a deeper relationship with our Lord and with fellow parishioners through:

Adoration | The call, acceptance and response to God

Community | Love and caring for each other as members of the body of Christ

Theology | Study of our faith through Scripture

Service | To God, each other and our parish family

To achieve this goal we sponsor weekend lay retreats, which are patterned after the description of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2:42-47). An ACTS parish weekend strives to place great emphasis on community and pastoral care within our parish. Participants experience God’s love and joy through the weekend, return to their faith community with a deeper love for each other and an increased desire to become more involved in their parish community. This mission is continued and enhanced by scheduled gatherings of the ACTS community and by service projects (Habitat for Humanity, Social Sunday, Parish Festival, feeding the hungry, etc….)

 Upcoming ACTS Retreats

Men’s Retreat: January 25-28, 2018

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Women’s Retreat: April 26-29, 2018

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 Future ACTS Retreats

At St. Francis of Assisi, we are blessed to host two Men’s ACTS and two Women’s ACTS retreats each year. Our ACTS retreats are held at one of the following retreat centers: Omega Retreat Center in Boerne, Oblate Retreat Center in San Antonio, Deer Creek Camp in Medina, and Moye Retreat Center in Castroville. The following is the schedule for our future ACTS retreats.

2018 Men’s ACTS

  • Jan. 25 – Jan. 28 @ Moye
  • Jun. 21 – Jun. 24 @ Omega

2018 Women’s ACTS

  • Apr. 26 – Apr. 29 @ Moye
  • Nov. 8 – Nov. 11 @ Omega

2019 Men’s ACTS

  • Jan. 24 – Jan. 27 @ Omega
  • Jun. 27 – Jun. 30 @ Omega

2019 Women’s ACTS

  • April 25-28 @ Moye
  • Oct. 24–Oct. 27 @ Omega