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Music Ministry

Join our wonderful music ministry!

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”                                                                                                                       – Colossians 3:16

The Music Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi warmly welcomes singers and instrumentalists who wish to share their talents in praising the Lord. Weekend Masses including 5:00pm Saturday, 8:30am Sunday, and 11:15am Sunday Mass times employ the St. Francis of Assisi Mass Choirs. The choirs combine (Concert Choir) for special events including an annual Advent/Christmas program, Holy Triduum Liturgies, and Holy Days of Obligation outside of Sundays. The 1:30pm Sunday Spanish Mass features a Spanish Choir and Ensemble. The 5:00pm Sunday Mass welcomes all those interested in serving with the LifeTeen Choir!  For those interested please visit: tiny.cc/SFAmusicsignup for more information..  To learn more about these ensembles and to join the Music Ministry, please contact the Director of Music Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi. If you can carry a tune and want to lift up the Lord in praise, we want you!

Music Selections for Mass

Upcoming music selections for Weekend Masses and Masses for Holy Days of Obligation are listed below. Weblinks for each calendar date from Liturgy.Com contain the complete music schedule along with MP3 files of each song for listening previews. Please note that the music for the 1:30pm Spanish Mass and 5:00pm Sunday Mass use different music.

April 2024 Year B

2nd Sunday of Easter (04/7) – Print or Save Your Outlines | Liturgy.com™ (ocp.org)

3rd Sunday of Easter (04/14) – Print or Save Your Outlines | Liturgy.com™ (ocp.org)

4th Sunday of Easter (04/21) – Print or Save Your Outlines | Liturgy.com™ (ocp.org)

5th Sunday of Easter (04/28) – Print or Save Your Outlines | Liturgy.com™ (ocp.org)

May 2024 Year B

6th Sunday of Easter (05/05) – CHILDREN’S CHORUS 11:15AM MASS – Print or Save Your Outlines | Liturgy.com™ (ocp.org)

The Ascension of the Lord (05/12) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476526/print

Pentecost Sunday (05/19) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476534/print

The Most Holy Trinity (05/26) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476545/print

June 2024 Year B

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (06/02) – CHILDREN’S CHORUS 8:30AM MASS – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476545/print

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (06/09) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476551/print

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (06/16) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1476556/print

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (06/23) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477019/print

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (06/30) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477014/print

July 2024 Year B

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (07/07) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477022/print

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (07/14) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477029/print

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (07/21) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477032/print

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time  (07/28) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477036/print

August 2024 Year B

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (08/04) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477039/print

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (08/11) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477854/print

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (08/15) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477040/print

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (08/18) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477043/print

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (08/25) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477045/print

September 2024 Year B

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (09/01) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477050/print

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (09/08) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477055/print

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (09/15) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477058/print

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (09/22) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477061/print

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (09/29) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477067/print

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (10/06) – https://liturgy.ocp.org/en-us/outlines/1477068/print