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Mission Statement

St. Francis Moms Ministry: Building our domestic church.  With Mary as our role model, we help mothers to become the best version of themselves. Moms Ministry welcomes mothers from every stage of motherhood including those who experience motherhood for the first time to great grandmothers. In this ministry, we seek to provide moms with skills and tools needed to flourish in their homes and enhance family life.

Our group of moms come together twice a month for learning and support in fulfilling our vocation as moms, fellowship, and enhancing our relationship with Christ. We cover seven categories related to motherhood and faith throughout the year: Marriage, Parenting, Basic Necessities: food, living and finance, Family Life, Self Care, Children and Sexuality, and Prayer Life for Moms. In addition, we minister to the parish community by providing meals to families with new children (through birth, adoption, or miscarriage) which we hope will ease the adjustments of bringing a new family member home and strengthen relationships within the parish.

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Our Ministry

Have you recently welcomed a new child to your family or have you suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage or similar circumstances? The Moms Meal Ministry is here to serve you by providing your family with meals through this time of transition. The ministry is also seeking volunteers to join our volunteer list. To receive meals or sign up to volunteer please contact Angely Allen at akoch7@gmail.com.

If you would like more information about our Moms Ministry, please contact Regina Turner at 210. 843. 6755 or email  SFAmomsministry@gmail.com.


The registration fee for Mom’s Ministry is $55. These dues cover the expense of the Mom’s Ministry activities and include use of the facilities, some breakfast items, crafting activities, speaker honorariums, special programs, etc. The fee also helps to offset the cost of our childcare workers and preschool faith formation teachers and materials.

To register for Moms Ministry, please   Click Here


2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

Friday Morning Meetings

Location—JP II Room | Breakfast Setup Time—8:45 am | Meeting Time—9:15 am-11:30 am

Date Topic
September 7, 2018 Welcome Meeting
October 5, 2018 Calling All Saints
November 9, 2018 Craft Day
December 7, 2018 Traditions and Adoration
January 11, 2019 Let’s Get Organized
February 1, 2019 Strengthening Our Marriage
March 1, 2019 Raising Catholic Children
April 5, 2019 Self Care
May 10, 2019 End of Year Meeting


Thursday Evening Meetings

Location—Emmaus Room | Meeting Time—7-9 pm

Date Topic
September 20, 2018 Welcome Meeting
October 25, 2018 Craft Night
November 15, 2018 Catholic Social Teaching
January 17, 2019 The Way to a Deeper Prayer Life
February 21, 2019 Estate Planning
May 23, 2019 Potluck and Prayer