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9 Aug

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Encountering the Thief

Locked and secure! That’s how we like to describe our peace and security, right? This week’s gospel tells us about what it is like for Jesus to break and enter into our hearts, yes, to steal our hearts. We usually hear this gospel proclaimed at funerals. “Be prepared.”  “Keep your lamps lit.” And we usually think that this is about our being prepared for death, for the final breaking into our hearts and uniting us completely, totally with God’s life—something we anticipate all of our lives.

However, I think that God’s thievery happens all the time. It happens when we are moved to compassion at the sight of anyone suffering needlessly, at the sight of lovers in their 90’s, at the sight of a child going to sit next to someone who is sitting alone at school. If we pay attention, I think we can see that kind of breaking in and entering into our hearts all around us. That’s what I anticipate the coming of the kingdom is like.

That’s exactly what we all need these days in the face of disrespect and even hatred, for those who are different from us. We need breaking and entering, and disarming—not in relationship to possessions and property—but in our connectedness to ALL of God’s creation.

I don’t know about you, but I am praying for God’s breaking in to the chaos of this world. I know that this kind of breaking in will not be violent or destructive. But it will be merciful, loving, and full of tender service! Lord, hear our prayer and move us to ACTION! It begins with me, with my attitude and my action. The Christophers always talked about the power of lighting one little candle.

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