Our Ministries
1 Jul

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Two’s

In Luke’s Gospel for this weekend, the disciples of Jesus are given their instructions for ministry. Imagine that you are one of the disciples Jesus sent out. What directives do you think Jesus would give to you today? What do you say and do? What challenges do you meet? What further help do you need from the Lord?

Jesus sent them out by two’s—a companion is always good to have for back-up! Who is the person you would choose to accompany you?

I am reminded of all the ways that we provide companionship on our faith journeys at St. Francis. We choose godparents and sponsors for Baptism, Confirmation, and RCIA. We have sponsor couples who accompany those in formation for the sacrament of Marriage. We visit the homebound to bring Eucharist and to bring our assurance that we accompany even those who cannot be with us physically.

During our listening sessions, we heard the experiences of so many who are ”left out”, invisible, or excluded from participation and communion in Church life. Living as a synodal church requires more than listening. Who are some of the persons we know who need accompaniment? Who are the new people we can share Christ’s love with this weekend? What healing and what peace can we bring into the lives of others?

To help us to be disciples of Jesus, we invoke the wisdom of the Holy Spirit:

Come to me, Holy Spirit, and kindle in me the wisdom I need to follow in the path of Jesus Christ.

Come to me, Holy Spirit, and give me the strength to face challenges in my daily life.

Come to me, Holy Spirit, and grant me the fortitude to make the right decisions.

Come to me, Holy Spirit, and help me believe that God knows all and walks beside me every moment of my life. Amen.

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