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13 May

Weekly Scriptural Reflection

DkruppaBy Sr. Rose Kruppa, CDP

Imagine those disciples in a locked room, filled with fear, without hope, purpose or identity.  There are times when I identify with that scenario. I am overwhelmed by not understanding, not having clarity, feeling that I’ve failed.  You too?

And then Christ greets the gathered with peace, as he has over and over again since the resurrection, and breathes new life into all of them–no exceptions! That new life is the Holy Spirit. This Pentecost gift makes them powerful preachers who make bold proclamations about the marvels that God has accomplished.

The Holy Spirit is our breath too! God breathes new life into us, giving us all that we need to dispel fear, to fill us with new hope, purpose and identity.  And filled with that Spirit, we become disciples in the ordinary things that we do for each other every day.  We are disciples when we are grateful for God’s gifts and when we practice using those gifts of the Holy Spirit.  To learn more about how we do that in ordinary life, Click here