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9 Jun

The Most Holy Trinity

The Trinitarian Dynamic of Love

God as Trinity! God as mystery! God as love! This weekend we have the opportunity to explore the relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our Easter season ended with the sweeping in of the Holy Spirit, and this week we reflect on the meaning of Trinity—three persons, one God!

Pope Francis in his Angelus address on May 26, 2013 said, “The Most Holy Trinity is not the product of human reasoning but the face with which God actually revealed himself,…walking with humanity…with his people in the history of the people of Israel and Jesus has always walked with us and promised us the Holy Spirit who is fire, who teaches us everything we do not know and from within us guides us, gives us good ideas and good inspirations.”

The Father so loved the world—what did he do to tell us that? And how did Jesus, the Son, do that loving? And how do we, in response to God’s and Jesus’ love, because we are inflamed, infused with Holy Spirit, tell the world of God’s immense love?

It is in relationships, in communion with each other, in making room for others at the table, in reflecting God’s goodness in every conversation, in every action and in every thought. God is love—shown through each of us because we know that we act in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Let our next sign of the cross be a sign of how we live God’s LOVE! And may the Holy Spirit give us lots of good ideas and good inspirations!