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9 Dec

Third Sunday of Advent

Jesus, Is It Really You?

Jesus and John the Baptist are cousins. Their connection comes from the relationship of Mary and Elizabeth. Even though John baptized Jesus, knows his message, and preaches it with passion, when he is imprisoned, he wonders if Jesus is THE One. Are you the messiah or do we have to look for someone else? Jesus, is it really you?

Once again John is pointing out the difference between his ministry and that of Jesus. Both are proclaiming that the kingdom/reign of God is right at hand. But only Jesus can bring radical transformation to the hearts and lives of his disciples. Only he can give us, by baptism, the power of his Spirit.

Jesus is clear in his answer to John’s question. He asks John (and us) to notice what happens—the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear! The invitation to be the messenger—bold, courageous, prophetic—is not reserved to John only. We too experience the works of Jesus in us. And we too are called to be messengers, of hope, patience, and joy at the wondrous works of God in our very midst.

How has Jesus already healed and empowered you? What within you is making you still resist the Spirit’s transforming power? To whom is Jesus sending you to be the messenger of good news and transformation? Why is the message of Jesus still not transforming the world?

May we experience the life-more-abundant that Jesus came to share with us. May we too be people of hope, patience, and joy in a world that would question: Jesus, is it really you?

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